How To Stop Being Lazy: 10 Easy Tips To Stop Procrastinating and Get Things Done


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n this article I’d like to share with you powerful tips to stop being lazy and start accomplishing your tasks.

Everybody suffers from laziness, perhaps it’s one of the biggest mental diseases that most of us struggle with.

And if you successfully overcome it, you’ll be amazed by how far you can go.

Laziness is a feeling, like anger, depression, and other uncomfortable emotions, that we all hate to experience.

One thing that I learned is instead of combating those emotions, embrace them, and be open to them, because they provide a signal that something needs to change.

So how to stop being lazy? Let’s discover 10 easy tips to stop procrasintating, so you can achieve your goals and fulfil your dreams.

How To Stop Being Lazy: 10 Easy Tips To Stop Procrastinating and Get Things Done

1.Don’t beat yourself up

The first thing that you need to do is to stop beating yourself up. We all stumble in life, and that’s is completly normal.

What’s not normal, is not learning the lessons and make the required corrections to get yourself back on track, and that’s the ultimate failure of all.

So, what I want you to do, is to accept the fact that you’re lazy, go out for a walk, mediate, do something that makes you feel alive, to bring positive emotions into your hearth.

2.Start very small

It’s an obvious tip, probably you’ve already heard of it many times, but most people don’t apply it.

We all want shiny objects, do big things to appear great to ourselves, and others, but this kind of thinking is the biggest trap of all.

Most people think that willpower is needed to start a new behaviors or habit.

If all you’re motivation is relying on willpower, maintaining your ability to work on your tasks is going to be very tough, when an obstacle shows up.

All you need to do to begin with small, tiny tasks that don’t require any motivation at all, and when you build some momentum, then you can go todifficult ones.

3.Chunck your tasks into small parts

If you’re faced with big tasks that make you feeling lazy, the trick  is to chunk it into smaller tasks.

For example, you have an essay to write, and you hate writing, here’s my little strategy to tackle it:

First: Take some deep breath to relax your mind

Second: Grab a sheet of paper, and a pen, and write down how many sessions you need to accomplish to complete writing the essay

Third: At the end of the task, write down how many time that you will spend to accomplish it.

When you’re setting the time, start very small. You can for example in the first task, just set 2 minutes, the second task: 4 minutes, and so on.

4.Take breaks

Taking breaks between each task it’s heavily important to stay productive and accomplish more things, especially if you’re dealing with hard ones.

After each task, set 5 minutes or so, to relax, and recharge your batteries.

5.Eliminate distractions

Cut all the noise around you if you want to make things happen.

If you hang out with toxic people, the chance to overcome laziness is bound to fail, because they will remember to take life easy, or you’re not qualified to achieve your aims.

Yes it may sound tough, but it’s your life my friend, you need to stay focused on your objectives to bring your dreams into reality.

6.Have a purpose

All achievers has a purpose. If you don’t have one, you need it, because it’s going to help you remain focus when things get tough.

Write down things that you want so bad, and come up with empowering reasons with enough emotional intensity that will make you excited whenever your read it.

Put it somewhere you can see it every single day as a reminder why you started this journey to stay on track.

7.Be organized

Most people feel undeserving, and not happy with their lives, because they’re not organized.

Organization is scientifically proven is one of the key attributes to reach success besides, prudence, perfectionism in term double checking your work, diligence.

Decluttering your work space is a form of organization that will bring a lot of clarity into your mind, so you can come up with better ideas, and solutions. Very powerful.

8.Be ok with failure

Failure is part of success. You can’t win all the time. In fact, the most successful people failed many times before they found their win.

I’m big believer that failing is sign of trying, and doing something new.

It’s better to fail while you’re striving to something greater, than just setting in your corner begging life to solve your problems, and that’s the biggest failure of all. with in the right crowd

Our life is greatly affected by the quality of people that we spend our time with.

You can’t expect positive results, and you’re spending your time with people that are complainers, and speaking poorly about other people.

What you need to do to empower yourself is to be around people that are in the same page as you, people that are supportive, people that will make the path easier and smoother.

10.Appreciate you lazy time (temporarly)

Being always in a hustle mode is too overwhelming, and that could lead you to burnout.

Sometimes it’s good to be ok with being lazy just to destress, and recharge your wheels.

But make sure to not linger too much, because the weeds will take the garden of hard work, and productive manner.

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