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5 Tips To Stay Productive At Home


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In this article, I’d like to share with you 5 practical tips to stay productive at home.

Staying productive at home can be a challenging task for many of us.

With all sort of technologies that are surrounding us, and also some people can be kind of a barrier from staying productive, and focused, when we are at home.

So, here are 5 practical tips to consider applying to maximize your time while working from home to get productive:

Tip #1: Work In One Place

This tip might be boring for some people, kind of being locked in one place, but trust me it has many advantages that come with it.

The reason why is because our brain works by association.

So, when you are working at the same place, time and time again, you’re programming your brain that this particular place is for work.

You’re linked the act of working with this place. So, actually when you set there, it’s going to be very easy turn your brain into work mode.

It doesn’t have to be a room, you can choose a spot in your home that is comfortable, that drives a good energy and not many things happening around it to remain focused.

But if there’s a lot of people at home, it’s hugely recommended to work in a closed room to block out any upcoming distraction.

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Tip #2: Don’t Forget To Take Breaks

At home, you should be very intentional about the breaks that you’ll take.

Because in it, we’re constantly tempted to use our phones, watching TV or YouTube videos, and giving ourselves excuses to do so, because we think we deserve it.

That should be out of the list of the breaks that you’ll take. Those things should be outside of the time range that you allocated yourself for work.

Just take a fresh air by walking outside for few minutes, drink a cup of water, have a short conversation with your brother, or your mom, or your dad, and go back to work.

The button line is to make sure that it’s not going to eat up from your work time, and break your focus.

Tip #3: Declutter Your Workplace

Organisation is key for ultimate focus. Is regarded as 25% of the formula of success beside consciousness, prudence, and industriousness.

To bring good vibes to the place where you’re working in, make sure your desk is clean, no flying papers, or dust, everything is folded, and in its casual place.

You’ll be amazed by how productive, and inspired to craft a better work.

And make sure to make it as a habit. When you finish your work, if things got cluttered again, reorganize the place as quickly as possible to always make it inviting for work, and save some energy.

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Tip #4: Block Out Any Digital Distraction

Say no to social media, no to playing videos games, or watching TV.

You should set some rules to yourself of the things you must not to do while you’re working.

Everyone is talking about a to do list, and why not to write down a not to do list.

So, grab a piece of paper and write down all the things that you won’t do while you’re working, and put it next to you as a reminder.

Stopping yourself could be a bit hard for many people. That’s why you should get rid from any cues that are sparking this urge of doing the thing.

Instead of putting the phone in front of you, tuck it away in a far place like in another room and turn it off completely.

The point is to rearrange your space, and clean it from any physical cue that could potentially distract you.

Tip #5: Work On a Fixed Schedule

Scheduling your work time is incredibly useful for many reasons.

The number reason is I said in the first part of this post, you’ll program your brain that this time is only for work, and actually getting productive will be a lot faster.

The second reason, boundaries can be easy set, because you’ve very clear about when your work it’s going to be done.

This post was about 5 practical tips to stay productive at home.

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