3 Simple Steps To Be a Disciplined Person


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1. Get Brutally Honest With Yourself

If you’re not disciplined, be honest about it. Don’t pretend that you’re not.

That won’t help you gain self-discipline. It will just keep holding you back. By avoiding honesty, we mask our behavior. It’s kind of like failing to look at your bank account statement because you know you’re spending outside of your means.

Be brutally honest. When you’re honest, you admit your shortcomings. There’s nothing wrong with that. We’re all fallible. But what you’ll realize is that those who are succeeding at the highest level are brutally honest with themselves and their behavior. Because, without that, it’s impossible to see how they can change.

I know this is hard. Especially because the ego is so powerful.

The ego doesn’t want to admit that it’s wrong. I mean, think about it. Do you like to be wrong? Do you like admitting when you make a mistake? Of course you don’t, right?

Write Down What You’re Struggling With And Be Honest About It

So here’s how you overcome this. Don’t just tell yourself, okay, I have a problem with so-and-so. No. That won’t work. You’re leaving it in the abstract.

You have to actually write down the issue. If you lack self-discipline because every single time you go to lose weight, you cave because of you crave chocolate, write that down. Don’t lie about it. Don’t say you try so hard. Talk about how vulnerable you are when you’re around chocolate.

It might seem silly to you. But that’s only because you’re shining a light on the ego. And the ego hates that. It’s trying to protect that fragile inner-self. You know, the one that takes things so personally, right?

The truth is that the bigger the ego, the more fragile the inner-self. But don’t sweat it. Just write it down and go into detail explaining the issue. I promise you that this will be better than mentally covering it.

2. Figure Out Your “Why”

Look, we can all say that we want something until we’re blue in the face. Does that mean we’ll follow through? Nope. You’ve probably experienced this before.

You’ve probably set a goal and didn’t achieve it, right? Well, you’ve probably also set some goals that you crushed. Isn’t that correct? So what was the big difference? I’ll tell you.

When you have a deep enough reason for something, you do what it takes. No matter, you don’t let anything stand in your way.

Think back to a time in your life that this happened. Think about something that you absolutely committed to achieving and you went out there and did whatever it took to make it a reality. That’s very powerful stuff.

My point in tell you this is that you need to figure out your “why”. And it needs to be powerful enough to help you gain the self-discipline that you’re after.

Without that underlying desire, you’ll still fall to temptation. When you see that chocolate cake, or cigarette, drink, or whatever, you’ll cave into the desire. So find your why. And get very very clear about it.

3. Eliminate Bad Habits Fast

Temptation is real. When you have bad habits, it’s incredibly hard to stay disciplined. But most people struggle with their habits.

We all know how important it is to stay focused and employ good habits. But how many of us follow through on that understanding? Yet, the biggest thing standing in the way of you and self-discipline are your bad habits.

So how do you get rid of bad habits? What if they’re habits you’ve had for years, if not decades? Then what? Whether you gamble, overeat, overspend, drink excessively, or anything else, there is a way to break through.

Of course, you need to stick to the first two items on this list first and foremost. But when it comes to breaking bad habits, here’s what you need to do.

First, understand that bad habits are hard to break. Yet, with a little bit of focus, you can do it.

You just have to be acutely conscious of what’s happening. However, you also have to understand that habits run on a series of trigger-routine-reward sequences. Every habit has a trigger (or multiple triggers) that set off the routine-reward sequence.

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