3 Simple Steps To Be a Disciplined Person

Find out 3 simple ways to become a discipline person. Discipline is necessary to remain consitent on your goals, and achieve them.

How to be a disciplined person? Is discipline only for a few lucky people, or anyone can be disciplined?

Discipline is always tied to willpower. The ability to do things, or to show up consistently over and over again, regardless of what you feel, or what’s happening in your life.

The distance between your dreams and reality is called discipline.

This definition of discipline can be truly heavy on people’s shoulders, because it requires a lot of energy, and it always linked to pushing yourself, and building some kind of friction.

The truth is discipline can be build also on the small stuff and that’s the basis. I found that discipline is an identity based thinking, is the way how you see yourself, and it’s not something that requires external forces to be it.

Let’s go over the 3 most important ideas to be a disciplined person, so you can achieve your desired outcome:

3 Simple Steps To Be a Disciplined Person

Find out 3 simple ways to become a discipline person. Discipline is necessary to remain consitent on your goals, and achieve them.

1. Honesty is Freedoom

A lot of problems could be solved just by the mere fact of being honest with yourself. It sounds easy?

The reality is not. Being honest especially to yourself requires courage, and humbleness, and unfortunately a lot of people lack a lot those characteristics.

When you are truly and brutally honest with yourself, you are ahead of the pack,because you can detect them, know them, and work on them.

It’s very simple.

That’s true freedom for me. As aristotle said:

Through discipline comes freedom.

So, what is the process to begin with in order for me to know my flaws and my shortcomings. Simply…

Write What is Holding Back…

Take a piece of paper, or open up your favorite note app on your phone, and start tlisting out everything that is stopping you from being disciplined in a daily basis.

To help your mind to come up with answers, ask yourself some solid question:

  • What are the stuff that are preventing me from sticking to the gym or writing blog posts? (Question geared to your habits)
  • Why is it in the world, discipline is hard for me? (Question geared to your mindset)
  • Do people in my entourage are stopping me from being disciplined? If so, who are they? (Question geared to social circle)

You see the difference. Know you are more specific, and also you are engaging your brain to think, and to wonder, and asking questions is the only way to spark that.

It’s also a habit of mine. There are times when I need to journal, and write my ideas down, so what I do in the beginning of the page I write a simple question. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but the goal is to grip your brain into it.

2. Get Rid From Bad Habits

As I laid out in the previous tip, bad habits are one of the huge discipline-killer, not only they distrub your focus, but they make you seem like you are a weaker person.

What got you to do the thing? What got you to smoke, or to watch television, or to gossip? Simply is the temptation.

So, when you do those stuff, you are buying into this temptation, which means you let them to control you, you make kind of a slave to them.

And that really is horrific for a lot of people, that why I started this blog with honesty. So, what is the main them that you could derive from what I just said: awareness.

You have to be aware of this cycle if you want to prompt any sort of conscious action or change.

Habits are the cornerstone of your entire life. Simply if you want to have a good life, build good habits.

I think the best way to get out of your way bad habits, is to build good ones, because naturally they take over the nasty ones, instead of focus on them, which can be exhausting.

There’s too much thing could said about habits, if you wan to deepen your knowledge on them, you can visit jamesclear.com, with a lot more information on self-help.

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3.Discipline is a habit

It’s critical to know that all what we do in life is habit-based. Even for the things that we can’t see like focus, discipline, procrastination, all of that are habits.

Knowing that is every helpful for the mere reason that we have the mechanics of how habits work, and how to build them, and all we need is to replicate that onto discipline.

The question that you might ask: How could we do that?

By simply doing small things constantly over a long period of time, and stretch things out incrementally as you go and reward yourself whenever you finish the task.

Habits are built by repetition, and the one thing that get you to repeat things, is the reward through the dopamine system. Why not take that cycle and mixte it with achieving small wins, so we can cultivate discipline.

For example, for my case, writing it’s still a struggle for me, but it’s a necessary to build this brand, instead of pushing myself, exuding willpower, what I do is this:

I started writing only for 5 minutes for about 10 days, then I add another minute or 2 for more 7 days, and so forth. The goal here is to show up, and to be consistent which is the essence of discipline.

The reward was sticking to the habit itself, because for me it was an accomplishment.

The truth is I still hate it a bit, but it became a lot more easier know to write posts.

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