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How To Enjoy Doing Things You Hate


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Here are few tips to consider applying to be able to enjoy tasks that you hate to achieve your goal:

1.Keep your goal in mind

As Covey puts it: “Begin with the end in mind”
If you have a goal that is connected to your passion, you will be motivated to take steps that bring you closer to your goal. Even if this involves small(er) projects.

2.Create a very concrete, explicit “prerequisite tree” (Theory of Constraints)

This is a schema that contains all obstacles between the current situation and the actions you’re going to take to overcome those obstacles. Because the tree is based on logic, when you have overcome all obstacles this means you have reached your goal.

In this way, you know for sure that all steps you take, no matter how small they are, will bring you closer to your goal. It’s very fulfilling to finish even small steps and feeling convinced that your goal is closer.

3.Challenge yourself also when you’re doing small tasks / small projects.

Find some way to make it fun, even if the task seems boring or not worth the effort beforehand. Almost all tasks can be done in such a way that it is fulfilling, you learn from it, and enjoy it.

4.Change your perspective

If it’s really boring, annoying, etc, consider it a test for your perseverance and patience, which are two very important personality aspects if you want to reach goals in life, so from that perspective alone it is worth to persevere.

5 Just Start…

The more you postpone, the more harder it gets doing the task. Those self doubtful thoughts keep getting bigger until this task becomes a monster in your head.

I found that when you just get started even if you’re not doing well with the task, as you go, your mind starts coming with new ideas, you start getting creative, until you hit the flow state.

From there, you turn everything around. You find yourself enjoying the task because you started getting results.

And that kind of thing, it’s going to be the catalyst of the doing other stuff that you couldn’t because you’ve proven the process.

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