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How I Tricked My Brain To Do Hard Things


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In this article, I’d like to share with you How I Tricked My Brain To Do Hard Things.

The brain is always going against us. The brain is concerned about thing : Our own safety.

So we you want do something new or hard, the brain looks at it as a threat, and turn on the defensive system coming under the form of worry, negative thoughts, and feelings.

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We all know we need to break that kind of mental resistance whenever it arises, but most of us don’t not because we can’t, but because we don’t have a simple system to follow in order to interfere those mind tricks, and do the things.

Here are two things that I came down to in order to trick your brain to do hard things

1.The environment design

You want to read everyday, it’s simple. Put the book on the night stand, so you when you want to go to sleep, the book will remind you to pic kit up and use it.

You want to have more mental clarity and focus, clean your room, or workspace every time you use it.

The idea is to create less friction between you and the thing that you want to, and you’ll be more likely to do

2. Focusing on the process

Sometimes we create a burden on ourselves by trying to get something as fast as possible, and because of that we don’t do it.

When you focus solely on the process, you take your time to do the thing, and learn everything that is associated to it, and create a joyfeul experience.

3. Start very very small

It’s a powerful tool. Sometimes you can find power in the most small, underestimated things, because that’s what is with this tip.

Let’s say you have an essay to write. Take this task and break it into small blocks of time of 3 minutes, and between each block of time take a break of 1 minute.

And as you build momentum you can increase the time if you want until you finish the task.

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If you see yourself the king of procrastinators, this tip will definitively help you. Here’s why?

When you invite someone in the process of achieving your goals, you’ll be more prone to do the thing no matter what, because now, you don’t wanna be seen as a person who don’t keep his words.

Also in the video above I talked about a story of mine how this tip helped to build the habit of running at 7 am consistently.

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