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How To Build a Strong Self Discipline


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In this article, I’d like to share with you some great ideas on how to build a strong discipline so you can achieve whatever you want a lot faster.

Without a doubt self-discipline is what differeciantes the succeesful people, the ones who mastered themselves from the ones who fall a slave to their whims and fallacies.

As Jim Rohn says:

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The best asset that you can ever have is the ability to stay disciplined on doing the things that usually you don’t want to do to meet your desired goals.

But first before we get into the meat of the matter, we need to defline what is self discipline.

What Is Self-Discipline

Simply self-discipline is the ability to control yourself in the face of any temptation, or a desire and stick with your plan to achieve your desired outcome.

Of course, it’s not a scientific definition, it’s a personal one, based on my experience, and my observation.

Self discipline is a mental muscle that is forged through conscious effort, and built over time for a better resistance against any potential temptation inwardly or outwardly.

This discard any thought or idea that self-discipline is rooted in our genes, but rather, is something that is developed throughout time.

Yes, there are some people were luckier than others because they learned it trhough their parents in tehir childhood, but even that, you must to exert a continuous effort over time to grow it, and maintain it.

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The Importance Of Self-Discipline For Success

It has been shown through multiple scientific reports that people who have strong self-discipline are happier, healthier, and productive.

Contrary to the mass belief, self-discipline is not restricting yourself, or limiting your lifestyle, is simply learning to control your impulses from the stuff that doesn’t benefit you, and has a severe cost on your finances, happiness, or your health.

The true freedom is not having the means to get whatever we want, is rather, the ability to control your focus, and your energy on the things that matter, and disregard the rest however tempting is

We all know that eating junk food is not good, but why is it many of us go for it regardless, and few don’t?

The secret lies on the purpose and the why behind abstaining yourself from it, or any unhealthy behavior. If you want to be self disciplined for the sake of just being disciplined, the odds are slim to none to work for you.

Because there’s no strong argument to counter-attack all the rationalizations that your brain will start to come up with when you are faced to a such temptation.

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My Unique Secret To Build a Lasting Self-Discipline

What I’m about to share with you in the upcoming lines, is something very simple, but one thing that I ask for is patience.

Most of us we undertook at simple things, and we start searching for complex ideas, because of the novelty effect, thinking that learning something new will solve our problems, and that’s the main problem.

It’s not about learning something new, rather is mastering the basics first, before you go any further.

Discipline is An Identity Based Program

Discipline is nothing than a self-image, a program that was installed in you sbusconscious that tells you about how you see yourself when it comes to sticking with the task that you said to yourself you will do.

I mean , there are a gazillion of articles, and books that talk about the techniques and strategeis to fix your self-discipline, but few of them discuss about the root cause of it, which stems your subconscious programming.

When you fix that, when you get yourself to do whatever plan, or action that you’ve projected in the future, self discipline is not going to be a problem anymore.

So how to do we do that? Follow those 2 steps:

Step 1: Control Your Environment

I’d like to ask you a question before we go any further:

  • Are you REALLY happy with your friendship?
  • What type of inputs that you get from your friends?
  • How do you feel after having a conversation with one of your friends?
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The truth of the matter, you can’t grow, and evolve mentally if you are hanging out with people who are complacent with their current situation.

I’m not judging here, we are completely different each other, and everyone has his unique goals, but it has to be some matching points between you, and you friends, if you want to experience some tangible results.

For example, you can’t eat healthy, and you are going out with people who eat whatever they desire. There’s a bit of contradiction here, and usually you will end up in 2 spots:

  • The first one, you’ll lower you standards, and follow them
  • The second one, you end up in verbal fights, unnecessary arguments which will lead to emotional pressure like anger, frustration, and the need to revenge.

In a nutshell, you must to get rid from the noise, or anything that going to be make self-discipline a bit easier.

Step 2: Strive For Small Wins

If you are in the self-help world for quite some time, there’s a huge chance that you know some online figures like Tai Lopez, Grant Cardone, Gary Vee, and others that are killing it online.

Usually those people aren’t showing you the big picture, how they were, and how they became, and everything in between.

So, we think, in order to become successful, and disciplined, I have to do, and apply whatever they are doing for peak performance. Wrong idea.

Or I need to go after big things, or think big, and you haven’t made a dime online for example. That’s what I experienced by myself, and was holding me back for years, and I cut them off from your life, and everything changed positively.

Here are some few examples:

  • READING: Instead of trying to read 1 book a week, and reading isn’t something that you like to do? Take a subject you like, and start reading one or two paragraphs a day consistently for at least 30 days.
  • GOING TO THE GYM: Instead of pushing yourself to go 5 days a week, and workout for 2 hours at the gym? Plan two days a week in your way back home when you get off work, and spend 5 minutes there.
  • SAVING: Struggling with saving some money? Instead of pusing aside a big chunk of your paycheck, start with 10 bucks a month for the next 3 months.

3 Rule To Make It Work!

Rule #1: Don’t rely on willpower

Willpower or motivation it’s not what is going to pull out when you are not feeling it, or you are in a bad mood.

Rule #2: Eliminate any friction

Next, get rid from any friction or lower as much as you can the steps between you, and doing the task.

Rule #3: Level Up Slowely

The truth is that you will experience a bit of boredom, and that will usually lead you to do more of what you are doing.

Do that if only it became effortless, and easy to do, otherwise, stick with you current level.