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How To Finish What You Start


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In this article, I’d like to share with you some practical tips and ideas on how to finish what you start.

Being a productive person comes down to one thing: You finish what you start. Period.

Projects unfinished, goals left behind, jumping for one thing to another, all of that reinforce the identify of being a lazy person.

You’re not a lazy person, simply you don’t finish what you start.

But, before we get into the tips, let’s go quickly over some of the mistakes that prevent us from finishing what we start.

Why You Don’t Finish What You Start

Mistake #1: Doing too much

Sometimes we burden ourselves with many tasks to do, especially at the beginning of something that we newly get into.

We exude a lot of willpower at the start, and when it goes away, we feel sluggish, irritated, and we no longer want to get the job done anymore.

Mistake #2: Perfectionism

Perfectionism is another counter productive mindset for many of us to achieve the thing we want.

We get into the illusion that everything need to be set up perfectly before we get starting, or I need to be at a certain level before I expose my content to the world.

In my experience, I noticed perfectionism stems mainly from fear, and overthinking.

Mistake #3: Impatience

Part of our human nature, we are wired for wanting to get things fast, and rapidly. So what happens?

We lose sight of the goal we want to achieve because I don’t get results as fast as others, I’m not lucky enough, why things aren’t going in my way, we start building up tensions in ourselves, until we throw this goal out of the window.

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How To Finish What You Start

So, here are 3 quick-action tips that you need to do instead to get to this finish line, and achieve your desire goal:

Tip #1: Do Little Each Day

Small, and consistent actions is the best way not only finish what you start, but to get good at what you do.

Unfortunately, in the self-improvement world, there’s too much emphasize on thinking big, starting big, taking massive action, which I found one of the reasons what we vanish completely along the way as I laid out above.

Pick what you want to learn, and just do it for few minutes a day. Look, you can do whatever you want, but always you’ll get back to that, because that is the essence of everything in life.

A seed doesn’t become a tree in just a matter of days, even if you pour in it a large numbers of litres, or gallons. It will take what it needs in a very small portion of the water to grow further down its roots.

Tip #2: Be realistic

Let’s be honest, we are really bad at expecting what’s going to come, and what we will get after we hit the finish line.

And when the expectation doesn’t meet the reality, we get unmotivated, disappointed and we blame ourselves why we couldn’t achieve it.

That’s why I started this section with taking small steps first. You efforts dictate your expectations.

So, when you start small, you’re not fantasizing about the picture you want to fulfill, you’re not expecting anything in return, you’re mere goal is to do the task at hand, and be in the present moment.

And that is called focusing in the process, which is the next tip.

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Tip #3: Focus On The Process And Not The Outcome

Another problem that is stopping us from finishing what we start, is obsessing over the result, and forgetting about the process.

Even we all know that the result takes time, and because of our wrecked mindset, we still focusing on it, and of course it doesn’t come into fruition, so what happens?

Disappointment clouds our mind, we get angry, and we don’t finish the thing.

Honestly, I’m still struggling with it, because of how things are promoted in the self-help industry. Everything is geared towards the outcome, and that was a waste of time.

When your focus is merely on what you’re doing, you’ll be able to create a better work, and be fulfilled by it, despite of what’s coming out of it.

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