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How To Get Out Of a Rut Effectively


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In this article, I’d like to share with you great practices on how to get out of a rut effectively.

Certainty, there are times when things seem going nowhere. All what you can see darkness around, and closed doors. The good news, it’s totally normal. Don’t crack up, and beat yourself up.

What differentiate people who are doing great things in their lives, and the ones who are not, is the mere idea that they knew how to cope with those situations and built systems to keep them going regardless.

So, what to do when we are hit by a situation like this? Here are 3 things that will help to bring clarity into the seen:

Practical Tips On How To Get Out Of a Rut Effectively

How to get out of a rut effectively? In this post, you'll find 3 Practical tips on how to get youself out of a rut and achieve your goals.

Tip #1: Reconnect Yourself To Your Why

I assume that you already have a “personal why” that’s why I used the word “Reconnect”, and if don’t have it yet, it’s time to identify one.

I want to talk first to those who don’t have a “why”. Unfortunately, a lot of people set their whys wrongly, even selfishly, because it’s linked to materialistic things, and what they will only get.

A true, meaningful why must go behind the physical realm, and its core message needs to be focused mainly on giving, not getting. What the difference that you’ll make, and problems that you’ll solve. Period.

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It’s you just set things up like that, and filter everything that you do with that kind of mindset, you’ll be able to get everything that you want a lot easier.

So don’t do this mistake when you’re choosing your why. I wish I did that, but life slacked in my face, because I took things backwardly. I was selfish. Again, don’t do this mistake.

How To Set Correctly My “Why”?

Good question. What I noticed, part of feeling unmotivated, and disconnecting with it, because it’s centered around the wrong values.

  • Only I’ll get motivated, and good about myself when I get X results.
  • Success is determined of how much stuff I have, and how much money in my bank account.
  • How much progress I made, It’s based on how many subscribers or followers I have, how many likes I got, how many clicks I registered.

That was the mental framework that I was using in my quest of doing everything I’m doing here.

When I hit this emotional threshold, as a result I burned-out, I had to redefine my why, and mainly my values.

So, I took a break for about one month, and I took a step back, so firstly to detox my dopamine system, refresh my mental energy.

And secondly, spot my wrong doings, and reevaluate everything that I’m up to.

Oh, goodness, the results were amazing. The first change is I’m focusing more on the process, and the present moment which gives me more joy, and fulfillment.

And when you spark joy, and good emotions, you don’t need any external motivation to keep going, and you’ll will be a lot deeper.

Tip #2: One Small Step At a Time

Another tip on how to get out of a rut effectively is to take small and gradual steps.

A terrible mistake that we always do is we try to change the situation overnight, expecting that the problem will go away in a blink of an eye.

By trying many things whenever I’m feeling hopeless, down, not in the mood, I realized that only one thing works: Small and gradual efforts always win.

In the self-help world, there is a lot of noise about motivation, willpower, things like “man, you gotta push yourself, don’t give up if you want to be successful”, but this kind of statement is a bit shallow and superficial, and rarely works.

People need a strategy to pull themselves out of the ugliness of a rut, not motivation, and trying to suppress your emotions doesn’t work either.

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How To Successfully Make The Change?

The first step is to change your state by talking to a friend, reading a book, watching something funny, walking next to the seashore. The point is to do something that you enjoy.

Once you changed your state, don’t attack directly the task that you intended to do. The key here is to break it down in to small pieces.

And slowly bur surely, start increasing the time as you gain momentum.

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Tip #3: Anticipate You Setbacks

Life constantly gives us signs, red flags in everything that we do.

But unfortunately, most of us are blinded to them, because facing the truth is actually terrifying.

Whatever “wall” you encountered write it down, and write what you have done to fix it.

And also take this opportunity to think about what the struggles could appear in the future, and what you would do to overcome them.

Plus, one of the great benefits of this exercise you’ll be able to save a lot of time, and emotional headaches, because you’ve anticipated the problem, and now you’ll be able to take them on proactively, and not re-actively.

This article was about How To Get Out Of a Rut Effectively.