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How To Get Out Of Bed More Easily


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In this article, I’d like to talk about powerful ideas on how to get out of bed more eaisly.

Getting our of bed is still a struggle for a lot of people, and that due to mainly to unhealthy habits that most people have.

Going to sleep early is one the components that will help you to get out of bed more easily. But why is it some people even if they sleep early but yet they wake up sluggish and tired.

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So, here are 3 tips on how to get out of bed more easily, and attack the day productively:

How To Get Out Of Bed More Easily

Tip #1: Have a daily plan

The first thing that most of us do when we wake up, we pick up the phone as we’re lying on bed, and that’s a bad way to start off your day.

When you’re doing this for multiple days basically you’re programming yourself for laziness, and getting out of bed will be tougher and tougher, and that mailny is caused by a lack of purpose.

You need an exciting reason to wake up no matter what.

Planning what you’re going to learn or what you’re going to do, you’ll be more likely jump off your bed a lot easier.

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Tip #2: Prepare your brain to go to sleep

As a said in the introduction, the number one reason why we have sleep problems is because the bad habits that we do especially before we go to bed like: looking at screens, drinking coffee, or staying awake chatting with people via social media.

Here’s a solution: 30 minutes before you to bed, cut off in social media use, and do something kind of a ritual that will prep your mind to sleep like reading, expressing gratitude, planning for the next day.

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Tip #3: Sleep at the same time

This tip is a game changer. The reason why it works, because you program your subconscious when it hits a certain time, you’ll start sensing a natural tiredness, or eyes becomes a bit heavy, so its the signal to go to sleep

Tip #4: Put your phone away from your bed

This tip is incredibly helpful. Often times, there’s no other way to force yourself to get out of bed and turn off the alarm, and avoid snoozing it.

So, intead of putting your phone on the bedside or whatever next to your bed, tuck it a little bit away from it, in a way to get up, and walk few feets in order to access to your phone.

And after you turned off the alarm, don’t go back to your bed, don’t even look at it, just go directly to the bathroom, or drink some water right after for example, or do anything that is ridicilous.

Because, when you do a very small action, it’s like you’re tricking your brain that you’re engaged in the day, and in that way, it’s going a lot easier to start it in a more effecient manner.

This article was about How To Get Out Of Bed More Easily

How To Get Out Of Bed More Easily

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