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Taking action and making things happen is a such great trait to have, that will allow you to manifest whatever you desire.

Pondering, and thinking about the reasons that get us in the way tof taking action sustainably is a duty of anyone, who is the quest of developing something wonderful to the world.

Instead of looking out to new tips, strategies or whatever you are thinking that it will be the final fix to your productivity problem,I hate to break it to you, but it will only make things worse.

It’s not a problem of information, is a problem of excution. We are living in a time where information is abudant, easy to access to, but also it would be kind of a distraction thing for many of us, preventing us from converting knowledge into action.

Without talking about the exacerbated messages that are shown to us day in and day out, about what others they have, how much money they are making, always making us to feel not enough and incomplete.

If we’d compare ourselves to our ancenserts, we would be in a huge advantage in terms of well being and productivity, but yet, things are getting worse, and dreadful as move through time.

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Productivity and Well-being Are Related.

I think the biggest misconception that are a lot of blogger, and content creators don’t bring up, is that being productive is only a matter of will, and getting yourself to take action.

If it is true, you would not be reading those lines, because I assume you are having this problem too, and you arelooking for new ideas, or new perspectives to solve it, and finally get productive.

Here’s the painful truth. Your emotions are always taking the lead, not your rational thinking. Strategies and tips are within the rational realm, that have little power over your ability to take action.

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Your emotions, in the other hand, have an immense reservoir that will propel you to take action.

It took a long time to understand this reality, and I can tell that the secret lies in getting your emotional state in order, nurturing it, getting rid from anything that dampen it, and taking action will be an easy game.

But why is it that a lot of people don’t talk about it? For two reasons:

  • First, it’s painful.
  • Second, it takes time. a lot of time to flip the switch for negative thinking, to a positive and realistic thinking for example.

And I’m saying that from experience.

Why Getting Stuff Done Is An Emotional Matter

Before I decided to create this brand, I was building also a self help blog and the topic that I was discussing the most is how to nurture a positive thinking.

The reason was mainly because it was my own struggle, because I was anxious, angry for the silliest things, in a nutshell I comprehend through the process of self awareness, that I was seeing life from the wrong angle.

So I started with that. I wanted to fix my happiness problems, and think in a healthy way, and I can’t tell you how it was incredibly hard, and strenuous.

But, what I noticed is that there’s a correlation between your emotional state and your productivity. After time, I noticed that it was a bit easier to work on my projects, as I was working on improving my overall thinking, and how I see the world.

So, How Do We Start?

Or you can put it in another sentence: What is the most impactful thing to start with, in order to balance my emotional state?

Good question. Without a doubt there are many tips, and strategies all over the internet to get your emotions under you control, all of them work, but there’s a big missing part to the puzzle, and that is purpose.

Also purpose reffers to the question why. Why I’m doing it for? It has to be something beyond yourself to make the whole symphony work, otherwrise all of these exercise would be meaningless to do, and sure you lose perspective, and actually you will stop them.

So, one of the keys is to find a purposeful meaning behind the actions that you are taking to improve your emotional state, your overall well-being,

Because I used to think that that in order to feel better, to feel like you did something, is to just by busy, hunkered down in your room working, and being little available to the people around you.

This kind of route only led me to burnout, and emptyness regardless of what I achieved externally, and the biggest problem is I became a slave to the numbers.

Instead of being propled by helping me first, learning, and contributing to the world by sharing knowledge, I became selfish, thinking only about the views, subs, how many visitors I’m getting to the blog. It’s so awful.

The final thought

Every one will make mistake for sure, and that was mine. I’m still struggling to eliminate the the consequences of what I’m expreienced because changing a thought takes time, but I noticed the less you care about what you will get, the freer you are, and as a result everything comes a lot faster.

It’s weird as it is, but that’s how life works.

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