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How To Sleep Better And Increase Your Productivity


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This article is about how to sleep better and increase your productivity.

In the self-help world, I noticed that there’s a lot of importance that is given to setting goals, having a daily plan, avoiding distractions, etc…

All of that is good, but really few people talk about sleep, and how to optimize it for more efficiency throughout the day.

No only sleep is primordial for productivity, and efficiency, but also for your well-being.

So, let’s go quickly over 5 most important tips to better you sleep today:

How to sleep better and increase your productivity. In this post, I'm sharing 8 tips that will increase the quality of your sleep.

Tip #1: Reduce Or Avoid Junk Light At Night

Let’s be real we became slaves to our phones and our computers. We spend more times on them than interacting in the real world.

But, what I want to point out to, is the usage of it at night, which is dramatically hurting your sleep’s quality.

The light that is coming out from the phone screen that is called “the blue light”, and literally what it does, it mess up the release  of melatonin, the “hormone of sleep”.

So, when you’re doing so, falling asleep becomes a lot harder, so you toss around left and right for hours because the melatonin didn’t do its work at the right time.

There’s a better solution to protect yourself from that. You can use blue light blocker apps or softwares to block this blue light to enter your brain, and I yellowish layer will be added to the job.

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Tip #2: Rsereve your Bed Only For Sleep

A big mistake that will all do, is we do many activities at he same place, and in our case is the bed.

Like texting, and chatting on your phone, or working on your laptop, writing something.

I’m not saying that those things are bad, but they confuse your brain later on when you do want to go to sleep. Let explain…

You need to know that your brain learn mostly by attachment.

For example, when you have an intense emotional experience with someone or a place, just for the mere fact you are exposed to this place, automatically, you feel the same way that you felt before.

Thanks to the power of the subconscious mind. Why not use that in our favor to build better sleeping habit?

That’s the idea from what I just laid out above. When you reserve your bed only for sleep, your brain is building a single connection between sleeping, and your bed.

So, when you jump on your bed, the only “mental algorithm” that will be activated is sleeping.

It might be a bit uncomfortable at first, but trust you’ll notice the difference. When it does, you’ll be addicted to it.

Tip #3: Eat Less At The Evening

Probably, one of the undercooked things by a lot of people is their eating habits especially before bed.

When you sleep in a fall stomach, or you take a high carb meal for example, the digestion process remains active during the night, which simply results to a poor sleep.

interestingly, eating late few minutes before you go to sleep diminishes the release of melatonin, and the HGH “the hormone of growth” as well.

So, there are two solutions for this:

  • First, plan to eat your meals 2 hours at least before you go to bed.
  • Second, eat low carb meals.

Very simple.

Tip #4: Relax your mind before you go to bed

Having a kind of “pre-sleep” routine really helps to calm your nerves, and relax your mind.

Our brain became very busy, and yes, social media plays a major role in this, because you’re exposing to your eyes hundreds of information in a minute.

So, create for yourself a unique and personalized routine, with some small and easy-to-do habits that will switch your brain into an aAlpha state.

Like reading, listen to something soothing, simply breath, say some affirmations, be thankful to your Creator.

Also I recommend to come up with a “Not to do” list, the stuff that make your brain active like social media, working on a project for example.

Tip #5:

Tip #5: Sleep And Wake Up At The Same Time

As I said, our subconscious work like a program. literally you can program your brain to think, and to do some stuff, which is an amazing thing.

But makes sure to use that in your advantage, because also that works in the other way.

In fact all your habits are a program that are stocked deep down in the subconscious, whether they are good or bad.

Why not use that to sleep and to wake up?

Simply discipline yourself to sleep at the same time no matter what happens. Set an alarm for that. When it hits, put everything down, do your “pre-sleep” ritual, and lay on your bed.

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