How To Stay Motivated When You Don’t Feel Like it

How to stay motivated when you don't feel like it? In this blog post, I'm sharing powerful to get and motivated to get the work done a lot quickly.

In this article, I’d like to share with you how to stay motivated when you don’t feel like it.

Being motivated is really a weapon that will lead you to your goals a lot faster.

Unfortunately, motivation is finite, and not lasting. It doesn’t have to be your only source of power, and its a major part in the success equation.

As long as motivation is limited, the tips that we are going to go over, will help you to reignite it, and keep you going after your goals.

Let’s get strated…

5 Tips stay motivated when you don’t feel like it

Tip #1: Find your own and unique inspiration

Surely, finding inspiration on what you do, will get you excited, and uplifted towards your goals.

When your motivation is at its lowest point, simply remember the why behind what you are working on.

Make sure to write it in your phone and put it in your room’s wall to make it easy to remember when you’re going through tough times like low motivation.

Read over your goals and connect back to why you want to achieve them so much.

And make sure that those goals are geared towards helping others, brining some value to them, not only taking from the world.

Another great thing you could do is to read uplifting stories from the people who were able to make it through hard times to raise your inspirational level, and get yourself to act.

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Tip #2: Look at your goals

By regularly revisiting and evaluating your goals, you’re making sure you’re really driven to achieve them.

We forget by default, that’s a human nature flaw, and that could lead you down a path of hopelessness, especially when you are swamped by low motivation, and doubts.

One of the ways to protect yourself from that is to check on your goals in a regular basis, at least once a week.

But the recommended thing to do, is every single day.

Tip #3: Take one step at a time

Also another thing that could lead to a lack of motivation, is when we try to do many things at once.

When you are checking on your goals, make sure to focus on the most urgent tasks, the ones that will get you closer to your desired outcome.

Our capacity to bear things is fairly limited. Sometimes when we set our goals, we get all excited, and exalted, and everything seems possible.

So, we start setting goals that are way above our abilities, with many numbers of them, and when the first obstacle comes up, boom! everything falls apart.

Tip #4: Use positive talk

A powerful tool that a lot of people don’t think of, is the positive self-talk.

I guess because talking to yourself it seems as being a fool, or mentally disrupted. I know it feels a bit strange first when you’re doing so, but I can’t tell of its benefits on your psyche.

First when you’re talking to yourself you interrupt the negative patterns that your brain is using when you are in emotional turmoil.

Second, you’ll be able to take control of your thinking, and the ability to direct it where you want to be, which is so effective for taking action, and making decisions.

It’s a marvelous way to uplift yourself, and get back your power.

Tip #5: Have some support

Let’s face. The road of success is very tough. Supportive friends, and family members are needed sometimes to bring us some spark of motivation, and encouragement to keep going.

All the tips above can play a supportive role to stay motivated in the long run, but there’s nothing comparable to the warmth of human bond.

I know it’s very hard to find those type people in this physical world. Thanks to the internet, because you can join groups, and forums of inspired people who have dreams and goals.

You can arrange a meet up with those people to meet in a coffee shop, or a park, and discuss more deeply on those topics and motivate each other.

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