9 Signs That You Are Smarter Than You Think

How to work smarter not harder. In this post, you will discover 12 easy tips and tools to be able to work smarter and reach your goals a lot faster.

Do you think that you are smart?

If you say no, you may be smarter than you think.

A Cornell University study found that smart people are more likely to think they are not very smart, while less smart people are more likely to think they are smarter than they really are.

As Shakespeare said:

“The fool thinks he’s smart, but the smart person knows he’s a fool.”

Here are a few more signs that you might be smarter than you think.

How do you know if you are smart?

Real smartness comes from knowing you don’t know everything. There are more things you don’t know that you will never find out than all the knowledge and wisdom you can get in your whole life.

Being smart means having an open mind, but not so open that you let things that are obviously wrong into your thoughts.

Being smart means that your thoughts and actions are very clear. It means that you should be aware of your evolutionary instincts instead of ignoring them.

To be smart, you need to be able to balance your feelings and your thoughts. But rationality must have a point.

Being smart means knowing your limits. It means knowing that you can’t always be right or know everything. It means to be humble when someone or something goes against what you believe.

9 Signs That You Are Smarter Than You Think

1- A sense of humor

We need to laugh and have fun in our lives. If we didn’t have joy, our lives would be boring and dull.

Smart people like to make jokes and try to make others feel at ease whenever they can.

So the more we laugh, the better our lives get and the closer we get to success. Smart people know this from a very young age.

2- Think outside the box

Smart people are also different from everyone else because of how they think.

They are always open to new ideas, unlike people who only see things through a narrow lens.

They can see not only black and white but also shades of gray in between.

Smart people don’t worry about having different ideas.

They don’t slow down when they learn new ways of thinking or change their minds about things they used to believe. They can be used in many different ways.

3- Having the ability to decide

Smart people are strong-willed and sure of themselves. They believe in themselves and pay attention to their gut feelings.

So, they have the skills to make the right choices.

We all have to make decisions all the time, about things as small as what to eat for lunch and as big as where to live.

Making decisions is a part of our lives that will never go away.

Smart people, on the other hand, know how to look at any situation with a clear head, see all the options, and make the best choice.

That’s how they’ve done so well.

4- You are in charge of yourself.

People who are smart usually have a lot of self-control and don’t make decisions on the spot.

In 2009, a study in Psychological Science by psychologists from Yale and other universities looked into this.

They tested the relationship between self-control and intelligence by giving people intelligence tests and giving them money as a reward.

The people who took part could choose to get paid right away or wait longer and get paid more.

Most of the time, the people who chose to wait for the money did better on the test.

If you tend to carefully consider all of your options and don’t make decisions on the spot, it might be time to embrace your inner genius.

5- You don’t mind being by yourself.

If being alone doesn’t make you feel bored or like you’re missing out, you’re in luck.

The British Journal of Psychology says that people who are more content to be alone tend to be smarter. Also, if you talk to yourself, that’s another sign you’re smart.

When you say something out loud, it can help you remember it better. You thought it made you sound like you were crazy. Next, here are some more things that smarter people do every day.

6- You like being alone.

If you were an awkward, quiet, geeky kid with social anxiety when you were growing up, you were probably special and didn’t know it.

60 percent of gifted children, according to the Gifted Development Center, are shy.

It gets better. As an adult, you use your strength to process, consider, and think about things, which is a trait of people who are very smart. In fact, more than 75% of people with an IQ of 160 or higher are introverts.

7- You’re curious.

Einstein was known for saying, “I don’t have any special skills. I’m only really interested.”

Harvard Business Review says that people with a higher “curiosity quotient” (CQ) are more curious and come up with more original ideas. This “way of thinking” helps people learn more over time.

The author says that CQ is the best way to find simple solutions to hard problems.

8- You know why people behave the way they do.

It’s called empathy, and if you can put yourself in someone else’s place and try to understand what they’re going through, you’re probably smarter than most people.

People often judge a person’s intelligence by how high their IQ is, but it’s how high their EQ is that makes them smarter.

Researchers at Texas Tech University found that smarter people were able to understand how other people felt, and they were also more willing to help someone else without expecting anything in return.

9- You speak another language.

You might be smarter than you think if you can speak more than one language.

Studies, according to the New York Times, have shown that people who speak more than one language are better at solving puzzles than people who only speak one language.

When you learn a new language, your brain is better able to deal with difficult problems and tasks, even if they have nothing to do with language.

According to a study done in Brazil on the effects of bilingualism on cognitive and auditory abilities in adults with normal hearing, “bilinguals had a statistically significant advantage in general cognitive function, as well as in verbal, spatial, and mechanical reasoning.”

Languages can also have a direct effect on us, to the point where learning a new language can even change who you are.

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