What To Do When You Feel Like Giving Up


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In this article, I’m going to talk about what to do when you feel like giving up, when things get tough, and the doors seem closed.

In your path of achieving your goals, learning a skill, basically anything that requires effort, grit, devotion, undoubtedly you will hit the wall the “feeling of giving up”. That’s the unescapable truth.

In today’s age with social media, and “look at me how awesome I am” age, there’s this grueling idea on this lavish lifestyle, and all the toys that people flex with to look awesome, making people think that adversity and challenges are bad.

But life doesn’t work that way. Life is a challenge itself. It is full of trials and turmoil whether your like it or not. The way how we perceive it makes the whole difference.

What I want to get to, is that it’s normal to have that kind of feeling, and I think everyone should seek out to meet his own challenges and battles to forge strength and resilience.

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Question Your Why

A common reason many of us get overtaking by the feeling of giving up, is the why behind the thing we want.

I found that if your why is strongly dependent on external factors, or fulfilling your personal needs or goals, at the slightest obstacle, giving up it’s going to be the only option in your mind.

But if your why is people oriented, doing something remarkable to the others, solving their problems, and you are truly driven by that, no matter what happens, nothing will shake your wiliness to take action.

Motivation Sucks!

That’s the blunt truth, motivation really sucks!

In the siutation when eveyrhing seems cracking, and falling apart, a lot of people will say something like: you just don’t have enough motivation, you gotta push yourself bro, keep going don’t quit.

I put motivation first in this post, because I want to clear up a misconception that many of us have about motivation as the only source of enery to keep going, and not give up.

Motivation might work in some situations, but when you are faced with bordeom, doubts, fear, whatver that is holding you back, you need something more powerful that goes beyond this fickle, and finite emotion.

Giving Up Is Just a Suggestion From The Mind

The mind is a powerful tool to innovate, to build, and create stuff, but also it has its own limit. You can’t trust the mind for everything that blows at you.

The mind also plays the role of a bad protector, meaning, when you experience this intense feeling of giving up, the mind looks at it as threat, the fight and flight mechanism kicks in, so it suggests all the unwanted scenarios to step back, and submit to it.

So, what should we do in this case?

Stop what you are doing, take a deep breath, relax your body, and start looking for new suggestions, and avenues. The best way to help yourself with that is asking some questions.

Question your values, who you really are, I think that’s the best way to go.

Always remember, those thoughts are only suggestions, not orders. They just pass like a cloud, don’t focus on the cloud, but focus on the sky (the big picture). You have the power to choose.

Pain Is Temporary

Often times, we lose sight of things, and this severe discomfort really blinds us and cripples us for looking at the solution.

So, one of things that we tend to do, is immediately without a conscious thought, we start looking at the pain as something lasting and permanent.

Step back and think for a moment. How life was 400 or 200 years ago? A lot harder, and tougher than today. Let’s take transportation as an example.

In order to get just from one city to another, it would take you days or months to get there, without talking about all the dangers that might come at you on the road. Today just few hours or minutes and you are in.

The point that I want to get to, is simply change your perspective of looking life, when you are hit by such adversity.