My name is Ali, founder of bestproductivitytips.com.

Being productive and getting stuff done was a big struggle to me, taking action into something was kind of a painful experience.

But I was fed up with this! I said no more to procrastination. I had to learn and study the mechanics of psychology, why we procrastinate, how habits work, what successful people commonly do to get at their peak, so I can be productive as well.

That’s what I’m doing in this blog, and my YouTube Channel.

I learn stuff, and share them in the best way I could to help you in the journey of achieving your goals.

Where Do I Start?

I think the best thing you could start with is to learn how to beat procrastination, because that is the only obstacle that is getting in your way achieving your goals.

So, I wrote a book that I called “The Procrastination Killer” – 6 effective strategies to beat procrastination FOR GOOD. It’s totally FREE, over 1500 people have gone through it and you can get it here.

The second thing you could do is to follow on YouTube. If you don’t like reading, and videos are the type of content that you like to consume, don’t worry! I’m sharing every single week at least one video, new strategies and tips to enhance your productivity level, and get stuff done a lot faster.

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