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5 Brain Hacks To Be More Productive


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In this article, I’d like to share with you 5 brain hacks to be more productive.

One thing that I learned so far in this self-help venture, our brain is not designed at all for success.

Our brain is not designed to be productive, our brain only loves comfort, our brain loves easy stuff, which make us lazy, and complicent.

I discovered is not about the system to be productive, is about tactics to interfere our brain patterns that are wired naturally to keep us comortable, and lazy.

And that’s what I’m going to share with you. 5 brain hacks to be more productive no matter how lazy you are :

Find out 5 brain hacks to be more productive in your life. I'm sharing 5 simple tips to hack your brain to be a productive person.

1.Start very small without any motivation

One the most important thing that I’ve learned in my life, is this trick : start so small, so you can’t say no.

Because there’s this popular idea that a lot of people believe in, if I want to start something, I need motivation.

You know why ? Because  most people think they need to start big, so they can feel that they are something worthy, otherwise there’s no need to take action. Which is a wrong idea.

If you want to stay consistent with a habit, or learning a skill, you should establish the foundation first to pay the benefit in the long term.  Here are some examples :

  • You want to start the habit of reading : Start with one page a day.
  • You want to start the habit of going to the gym : Show up for just 5 minutes for a month.
  • You want to start the habit of flossing : Floss one teeth .
  • You want to start writing blog posts : Start with a paragraph a day.
  • You get the point…

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2. Prime your environment for productivity

Our environment  influence drastically our behaviors. One of the big mistakes that most of us make is we try to be productive in the wrong environment.

What I learned you need to change your environment where it’s easy to be productive. You don’t have to do any mental effort to be productive. Here are some questions you need to ask yourself :

  • How could you be focused if you’re feeding your mind with trash news that you’re looking  on in TV or your phone.
  • How could you be productive if all your friends don’t have any purpose, and distracting you with their requests.
  • How could you be productive if you are working in a messy room, or in a noisy place.
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3.Practice breathing exercises

Another way to make yourself productive is to train your brain to be calm, and focused in the present moment.

We all have busy brains. Learning how to get your brain your slave will help you a lot to remain focus and productive for a long period time.

So create a habit of breathing every single day. You can do it at the morning, or at night before you go to sleep.

Begin with just one minute.The goal is to practice the art of showing up before you raise the bar.

4.Use a to-do list

The fourth idea to be productive and get your brain ultra focused is to use a to do list.

The to do list is kind of a road map for the day. If you have a big project, scale it down to  small tasks, and each day write at least three ones in a piece of paper or your phone.

Once a task it’s done, cross it.

By doing this simple act, you are sending to your brain that I stand for my thing, and you’re building the identity of someone that sticks to what he says to himself, which is the core element of productivity.

5.Reward yourself

Whatever gets rewarded gets repeated. To stick to whatever important to you, and trick your brain, use your dopamine system.

We all crave for a hit of dopamine here and there, that’s keeping us to strive for somehting in this life.

In order to get yourself back to your habit, give yourself a reward. It could be anything it dosen’t have to be a big thing. The goal is to feel good after doing your thing.

Bonus Tips

Bonus Tip 1: Have a system when things are getting tough

One of the things that is underlooked, but it’s important to stay productive, and get things done, is to plan for the negatives when they happen.

One thing that we all face is a negative mood. Sometimes we feel sluggish, and fatigued without any reason.

Most people tend to do is to pass that thing, and come up with excuses, and follow their emotions regardless.

So we keep ourselves slave to our moods, our emotions, and we postpone stuff for an uncertain date. That’s a huge waste of time.

Bonus Tip 2: Cut off distractions

Without a doubt, one thing that is messing with your brain, and make it all over the place is distractions.

We all have the same 24 hours. Why for some people it seems they have more time, and achieve more than others ?

The main reason is because they don’t waste their time. They know the true value of time, and they make sure that is used usefuly and in purpose.

So it all comes down to focus. The only way to remain focus, and clarity, is cut off any distracting thing stealing your time.

My process is to write down what are the activities that I need to cut off right now that are getting my attention all over the place, and not focused on my goals.

 Once it’s done, I suggest to start working on just one, come up with a plan, identify why this thing occurs that is stealing your time, and eliminate it

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