15 Ways to Stop Being Lazy and Unmotivated

Find out in this article, 15 best ways to stop being lazy and unmotivated so you can actually stick to your goals and achieve them.

Everyone wants to get things, and goals. However, this needs much effort. Although laziness is typical and natural, it has great potential to consume us and avoid our individual growth. Slouching is a problem because while others pursue their dreams, you’re sleeping, playing a console, or viewing photos on Facebook; you’re far from all activities … Read more

How To Overcome Perfectionism And Get Your Work Done

how to overcome perfectionism and finally get your work done? Learn to get started with your projects a lot faster by killing your perfectionist tendency.

How to overcome perfectionism? Perfectionism can trigger you to feel overwhelmed, trapped, and stressed out. The first step to get rid of perfectionism is to acknowledge that you’re a perfectionist in the first place. Being a perfectionist can lower self-confidence and self-confidence. Perfectionism can make people self-critical, unhappy, and experience low self-confidence. Perfectionists hold themselves … Read more

Why We Procrastinate And How To Fix It

Why we procrastinate and how to fix it for good? I'm going to go in-depth on the meain reasons why we procrastinate and how to fix them once and for all.

This article is about Why we procrastinate and how to fix it. If someone asks me: “What is the superpower that you would like to have?” I would immediately answer: The ability to not procrastinate at all! Without a doubt, procrastination is a worldwide issue. Most of people suffer from it. The only wall, or obstacle between … Read more

How To Stop Overthinking And Start Doing

How to stop overthinking and start doing? Find out in this artilce 5 big ideas that will help to stop overthinking, and start taking action.

In this article, I’d like to share with you some ideas, and tactics on how to stop over thinking and start doing. The number one reason of getting stuck in where you are is over thinking about what you are going to do or how things need to be done. The more you overthink the less you will understand.  Habeeb Akande … Read more


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