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3 Simple Hacks To Eliminate Distraction And Be Productive


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How to eliminate distraction for good? How we can build a productive, and a meaningful life?

I noticed in my humble productivity venture to learn how to be efficient with my time, and get stuff done no matter what, I found that the problem wasn’t with learning how to be productive, but it was how to get rid from time wasters, and distracting stuff.

Getting in mind this distinction, helped me to be careful about what is stealing my time and my energy, so I was able to get to my goals a lot quicker, and live a meaningful life.

Those hacks are kind of habits. It will take a bit of time to get used to them. And remember always simple stuff do the work, because those hacks are so simple that a lot of people under-look at them.

Hack #1: Simply hide your phone

When you’re working on your computer, or simply on your desk studying, do you put your phone in front you or somewhere else?

What I noticed most people put it in front them even in a family gathering which is nuts!

Unfortunately we became slaves to our devices, and also because of it, our relationships with others became fragile than ever before. So, it went beyond the scope of productivity, and getting things done.

So, what I started doing is simply putting my phone in my pocket when I’m working. Very simple. I don’t forget to turn it off.

When you do this simple act just for few days, you’ll notice that your focus will get a lot better, and you’ll be able to get a lot things done as a result of it.

Hack #2: Plan it out

I found that when you just intend to do something at a certain time or a place you’ll increase the likelihood of doing the task.

And what about writing it down in your calendar or a piece of paper. I can’t tell you its amazing benefit.

Don’t get me wrong, Sometimes I really struggle with it. But when I slip off, I really notice the differnece.

I get completely distracted with no important things. I found myself watching hours and hours of YouTube videos, setting in a coffee shop and doing nothing, without talking about the emotional burden and turmoil that I’m going through at this time.

For instance, by simply intending to write this current post the day before, It was a lot easier to do it. (Honestly, I still struggle with writing but you know I learned so many things from it)

Hack #3: Schedule time for distractions

I’m not against not distracting yourself, but what I’m against is spending hours looking down to your phone screen, playing videos games, surfing the internet.

You need some time to recharge your batteries, to distract yourself a bit, but It should be for a reason, and not wasting your time, or numbing yourself.

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