How To Enjoy Something That You Don’t Like

How To Enjoy Something That You Don't Like

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In this article, I’d like to share with you 3 powerful tips on how to enjoy something that you don’t like.

So, let’s get into them…

Tip #1: Think positively 

If you consistently say to yourself that you don’t like to do something, you won’t.

You must begin to guard your thoughts and make sure you don’t allow them to get negative.

Remember, how you look at something impacts your attitude towards it. Be creative and challenge yourself to look for the good in the things you don’t enjoy.

The way how you reframe things, play a huge part on the ability to take action, and that’s something that is under looked at in the productivity space.

Tactics and strategies are simply 10 % of the formula. The rest is purely mental.

Tip #2:  Combine what you resist with what you enjoy

 Simply take whatever you enjoy and do it while you’re doing the thing that you don’t like.

  • You need to walk and somehow you don’t want to do it? listen to something that do you enjoy as you’re walking.
  • You need to study, but you don’t feel it? Go to your favorite place, get some snacks, or something to drink that you love, as you’re studying.

This technique is also temptation bundling. You simply bundle what you need to do, with what you enjoy the most.

Only make sure, that this thing you do enjoy it’s a healthy behavior, and something that will distract you from the job that need to get done.

It’s really simple, and it works amazing.

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3.  Focus on the benefits.

When you make the decision to enjoy the things you don’t enjoy, you will be happier both in the short term and in the long run.

You’ll feel better about yourself and people’s respect for you will grow.  Always keep in mind there is NO benefit that comes from doing things with a bad attitude. 

Even if you are trying to make a point that you don’t want to do something, you will likely look like a big baby instead.

Take a few minutes today to identify the things you don’t enjoy doing. Being honest with yourself do you think others can sense you don’t enjoy doing them?  How is your attitude affecting you and those around you?

Here is my challenge to you. If you are going to do something, find a way to enjoy doing it.

Whether it’s your full time job or cleaning up after someone, don’t allow yourself to cop a bad attitude. If you sense one is starting to brew, remind yourself that you are in control and the choice you make affects you and everyone around you.

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