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How To Get Started And Avoid Procrastination


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Let’s talk about how to get started and avoid procrastination. A lot of people struggle with this, for example when they want to stop a bad habit or start a new one, and I did too.

We all have big ambitions, big goals, big dreams. But at the outset we get stuck to take actions towards what we want. It’s contradictive, right?

Instead of beating up yourself and fighting those negative emotions that hinder us from success, ask yourself this question: What’s the main thing that pull me off from getting started, and taking action?

Now, it could be a lot of answers that pop up in your head. We try to keep it simple. In general, there are 3 main reasons that hold us back to get started:

  • Fear of the unknown that stems from our childhood, or the setbacks that happen to us in our past and dread us to make some action.
  • You are a bit perfectionist: Perfectionism doesn’t exist. It’s an illusion created by our low self, to get cut up in our comfort zone. Also, perfectionism is related to a potential feeling of fear and vulnerability about what’s other people will say about us.
  • Negative voice in your mind that whispers you are not good enough, or smart enough. This negative chatter come up with a tense negative feeling that make it strong, and so real to us, that’s why we step back.

So let’s fix that. To do so, I collected for you 3 simple tips to get started and avoid procrastination, to jump on your goals:

How to get started and avoid procrastination? If you are having tough times to get started with anything you want to do, but you can't? This post is for you

Tip #1: Stop thinking that you have to start in a big way

We tend to think that it must be a big goal then it’s worth to start. It’s a wrong approach to look at things though.

Instead what you can do:

Start ridiculously small: Just ask yourself this question: what is the little tiny step that I must take today to get started. If you still landed in your procrastination, ask yourself again: how can I make this action smaller than that?

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Remember the goal here is just to get started, and habituate yourself with what you need to do in a regular basis to achieve this goal.

Focus on one task at once: It is a viral component to still on track, and not getting lost or dreaded. So in this small step that you will take in, keep your attention by doing this one task until his completion.
Once you achieved it, then do the next one. Taking those small steps every day will lead to something bigger over time.

Tip #2: Stop rehearsing in your mind what you want to start

The more you think on how you get started, the more it tends to be bigger in your head. More than that, it becomes scarier.

Instead what you can do is get information from people who have been where you want to go. The benefit of that it will gives some boost to start off, and also you will learn some insights on how to start in the right way, so you can avoid making mistakes as the time goes by.

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Notice that it becomes so easy to be in touch with those people nowadays with the internet. So you can read their books or blogs on what they said, following them in social media network: Facebook, YouTube, Instagram. Or you can ask them for help by sending an email.

Tip #3: Stop controling everything

Being prepared is great! It can help for some raisons to do the best that it can be done.

But, what is no great is thinking through things a lot of times to risk making mistakes and be in the safe side.

Instead, what you can do is to realize that you will stumble and be OK with it. This happens to everyone who want to do something different and step outside his comfort zone. It’s a part of a life lived in the right direction, because the only road that leads to growth and fulfillment.

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So that is How to get started and avoid procrastination. Thank you for taking your valuable time to read this article, and I hope it helped you in some way to take that leap of faith, and start building your own dream.

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