How To Overcome Perfectionism And Get Your Work Done

how to overcome perfectionism and finally get your work done? Learn to get started with your projects a lot faster by killing your perfectionist tendency.

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Get your FREE copy of the eBook where you'll find 6 practical strategies to beat procrastination FOR GOOD.
how to stop procrastination For Good. This FREE Procrastination book PDF will teach you how to stop procrastinating for good, and reach your goals.

How to overcome perfectionism?

Perfectionism can trigger you to feel overwhelmed, trapped, and stressed out. The first step to get rid of perfectionism is to acknowledge that you’re a perfectionist in the first place.

Being a perfectionist can lower self-confidence and self-confidence. Perfectionism can make people self-critical, unhappy, and experience low self-confidence.

Perfectionists hold themselves to unattainable standards and put excessive pressure on themselves to attain excellence in their daily lives.

In this post, I’ll share what perfectionism is, describe the root causes of perfectionism, and share 8 proven tips on how to overcome perfectionism.

How To Overcome Perfectionism And Get Your Work Done

Tip #1: Set Realistic Goals

Perfectionists set objectives that are completely out of their reach.

Then they invest a few months feeling upset and disappointed because no matter what they do their objective is still way off in the distance.

The solution to this is to begin setting reasonable goals.

Realistic goals are just out of your reach. They require you to stretch some but permit the likelihood of success. 

When you reach your realistic objective, set another objective that’s just a little further off.

Keep going in this way and you’ll soon realize that you’ve made a great deal of development.

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Tip #2: Learn How To Delegate

One of the greatest difficulties for perfectionists is that they think they need to do everything themselves.

This might be since they feel other people will not fulfill their expectations or requirements so they’re better off doing whatever themselves.

This may indicate learning a new ability that takes time.

That skill will also have to be established perfectly.

Things simply stall and do not move forward.

If you’re a perfectionist focus on finding collaborators to assist bring your project or concept to fulfillment.

Focus on what you do best and after that deal with other individuals on everything else.

This could be an employee, outside specialist, or a close friend.

The point here is to get the important things you want to be done finished.

We typically can’t do it alone and collaborators will accelerate implementation.

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Tip #3: Practice Self-Compassion.

Perfectionists are infamously intolerant of flaws and imperfections, so we tend to be very hard on ourselves.

Self-criticism is both unjust and unhelpful. Everyone battles and is imperfect.

We all make errors and feel inadequate often. Kindness inspires us to do better, whereas criticizing and shaming tend to be demotivating.

Attempt to provide yourself the same compassion that you would show to a buddy or relative– a kind word, a reward, or an uplifting message when you’re feeling down.

Tip #4: Practice Growth Mindset

When we have a mindset of growth, we choose to see mistakes as a regular and practical part of the knowing procedure.

The only method to enhance at something is to try, fail, and attempt some more. Instead of trying to prevent errors and failures, reframe them as regular and an essential part of your development.

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Tip #5: Share a Work In Progress

An excellent method to break your perfectionist instincts is to publish and share things that are not perfect.

Whether on social media, with buddies, or coworkers, force yourself to share and operate in development.

Calling it a work in progress may help you get over the bulge of revealing people something you think isn’t best, and while doing so you’ll understand others do not believe it’s nearly as rough as you do.

This workout will expose your standards are likely higher than those of your audience which your mission for excellence is as much about insecurity as it is the quality of your work.

Tip #6: Acknowledge Your Wins Even If They Are Small

Any forward motion is progress. It deserves acknowledgment. When we take time to commemorate progress, no matter how little, it includes jet fuel in our packs, instead of rocks.

I’ve found out that in those peaceful minutes after something has been accomplished, a rich and fertile piece of the ground appears.

When we acknowledge our win, we have an opportunity to plant a seed for the next success.

Tip #7: Simply Do Imperfect Work

Another way to overcome perfectionism is to start doing things your perfectionism avoided you from doing in the past and doing them imperfectly.

You can do it. Start small.

Don’t be too hard on yourself. The objective of beginning this activity is to have fun and not be ideal.

It’s about getting your toes wet, so to speak, and make small modifications in your everyday life.

Bring along an accountability buddy if you wish to. This may help you not slip back into your perfectionistic behaviors.

Tip #8: Focus on one thing at a time

Let’s face it, we’ve always got lots of choices of things to keep us busy.

This is both amazing and frustrating, however, when we get overrun with perfectionist ideas, it can be tempting to just start spiraling when thinking about all the important things that are looming and we try to do them at one time to seem like we’re making progress.

In reality, this avoids us from doing precisely that. The world will not end if you concentrate on something at a time, and you’ll feel so much better having achieved something instead of only having made progress on a portion of a lot of things.

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