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How To Start Your Day Right


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This post is about how to start your day right!

Isn’t it amazing how some days just start better than others? You get up feeling revitalized, the kids virtually get themselves ready, and when you show up at work, you accomplish a lot within the first hour.

It feels like everything is going the way you want.

Then there are days when it’s a battle to wake up and get to work. When the day begins nothing is going your way. Then it becomes worse.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have more of the former and less of the latter? Just how much more efficient would you be?

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This can be your reality.

You can manage how the day starts.

You manage how the day goes when you do.

And that’s what this post is all about. You will find 7 practical tips to start your day right and get a lot of things accomplished throughout the day.

Let’s get started.

How To Start Your Day Right

Tip #1: Take Time To Reflect

How to start your day right? In this post, you will find 7 practical tips to help yourself to start the day in the right foot and get productive.

By setting aside a little time every morning to ease your thoughts and positively think, you can set the tone for your whole day.

This practice will help build awareness of ideas and help to avoid a “monkey mind,” or an agitated or unsettled mind.

Morning reflection will likewise assist to clear your mind of any negativity from the day before or any undesirable dreams, and likewise, make you more concentrated and optimistic.

Controlled thoughts and a focused and positive attitude result in a lesser quantity of stress.

Tip #2: Go to bed The Night Before With the best state of mind

This is so important. Your last thoughts before going to sleep will not only impact your rest but they will impact your subconscious as you sleep.

Many people just struck the pillow at the point when they are fatigued. Try to go to bed before this so you can spend 15 or 20 minutes going over all of the favorable things that took place during your day.

Then, send love to your entire body and out to those you love and the neighborhood. Flood yourself in love.

Tell them how much you enjoy them and maybe list some particular things you like about them if you are lying next to someone special. This is an easy but really effective practice.

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Tip #3: Make Your Bed

As basic as it might sound, making your bed right after you wake up drastically enhances the quality of your day.

The way we do something is the way we do all the things, and discipline in all aspects of life is the key to success.

William H. McRaven, who proclaimed the virtues of making your bed every morning in a viral 2014 University of Texas start speech, even wrote a book on the subject, Make Your Bed: Little Things Can Change Your Life … and Maybe the World. Making our bed as quickly as we wake up gives us a sense of complete satisfaction, motivating us to do more.

Tip #4: Disconnect From Technology

A lot of individuals start their mornings with a fast scan through social media, emails, and morning TV talk shows. You need to disconnect from that routine if you are like them.

Do not let your smartphone be the last thing you drop during the night and the very first thing you use in the morning.

You surely are doing your profession and life an injustice by watching excessive news in the early morning, partially since it squanders your valuable time and partly because it destroys your inner peace.

Note that needing to process too much info early in the morning changes your mind from being proactive to being reactive, meaning that you will invest the majority of your day in a protective mode. You can not focus on today with such a mind.

Tip #5: Exercise For 15 Minutes

If you can find the motivation, doing a quick blast of workout will get your blood flowing and your heart rate up, ready to begin the day.

Pre-breakfast is a perfect time– Joe Wicks swears by ‘fasted’ exercises and says even 15 minutes is better than nothing.

Find a short YouTube exercise, do some star jumps, push-ups, squats. You’re most likely to feel more energized, less stressed out, and will continue to burn calories as you sift through the mass of morning e-mails.

There’s likewise absolutely nothing like the endorphin-filled smugness that comes with doing a workout while the majority of other people are still in bed.

Tip #6: Plan For The Rest Of The Day

How to start your day right? In this post, you will find 7 practical tips to help yourself to start the day in the right foot and get productive.

Skip checking your email as soon as you begin your work and plan your day rather.

While there are lots of ways to do prepare for the next eight hours approximately, doing it your way is the very best approach as it fits your distinct workload and schedule. Just keep in mind these points in preparing your workday:

Determine your peak efficiency hours throughout the day. Use these hours to perform the most requiring tasks of the day.

Select 3 points (at the most) in your schedule for checking and reacting to e-mails. This restricts the distraction brought in by unnecessary emails (e.g. newsletters) and helps you to concentrate on more crucial things.

Don’t prepare for the whole eight hours. Possibilities are, unintended conferences or unanticipated loads will appear from time to time. Provide more or less 2 hours allowance for these unanticipated bumps to keep your schedule undamaged.

Bear in mind that beginning your day right is not simply a one-time activity but a practice to be established. With the right start to your day, you are on your way to be more productive and accomplish your goals in time!

Tip #7: Have a Simple To Do List

I find writing a to-do list every day keeps me focused and clear on what I need to do, but I try to keep it simple and just write 2 or 3 big important tasks.

Be reasonable about what you need to get done and bear your schedule in mind. If we always attempt and get too much done we can feel like we’re never attaining enough. Keep it simple.

This post was about how to start your day right.

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