How To Stay Focused In a Distracted World

how to stay focused

In this article I’d like to share with you 3 practical ideas on how to stay focused in a distracted world.

Let’s begin…

How To Stay Focused In a Distracted World

1. Look For a Supportive Environment

We all know that the environment has a big influence in your behaviors, and your thinking pattern.

First start looking at the people, or the friends that you hung out with, or you interact with in a daily basis.

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

Jim Rohn

And ask yourself those questions, honestly:

  • How do I feel after I get in touch with those people?
  • Are those people helping me to achieve my goals?
  • Are those people always dragging me down whenever I’m talking about my devotions, and ambitions?

You should be very aware of any signs or red flags that those people may convey subconsciously that they aren’t really a good fit for you, and thus you should leave them

What about your habits? Are they good or bad?

What kind of places do you go to?

Doing a deep examination of the tiniest stuff that you do is a perquisite to changing your environment into on that supportive for building a laser focus.

2. Focus On Few Goals

The easiest way to get distracted is to set too many goals at once.

A lot of us fall into this trap, because of the excitement factor, and the dopamine hit that you get in those moments, so what do we do: We get overly ambitious, and we set too many goals.

After few days, you are not in the mood, you feel down for some reason, your boss yield at you, someone scratches your car, or simply you don’t feel good about yourself

So what happens, we drop all of them, we get even depressed, and we keep doing the same cycle.

I would suggest to begin with one or two small goals, that no matter how crappy you feel, you can do them regardless, and work your way up, until you simmer them in your brain.

And don’t fall short on your mind tricks, even you know that you can do more than what you set, just stick with the small version.

I know it’s not what is promoted online, but trust me it works.

3.Simply Unplug

Without a doubt, we became fairly digitalized and making our lives painful than ever because of those little devices.

whether you use them, or you get used by them. Most people are in the second group.

The reason what I said that, because the online world has also its benefits, only if use it in a way to bring some value to others like creating a business for example.

Also it’s a great medium to quickly find solutions to your problems, and connecting to people all over the world.

Yeah it’s amazing, but you should consume it in moderate way to avoid being a slave to social media.

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