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How To Stop Multitasking And Become More Focused


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In this post, I’d like to share with you 3 big ideas on how to stop multitasking, and increase your productivity to the next level.

Multitasking is such a disease that is preventing people from actually getting what they want in less time, because of distractions.

Certainly our brain isn’t designed to do simultaneously different tasks. Your attention gets heavily divided, your focused completely demolished, and you find yourself doing almost nothing.

Clearly multitasking is really an issue. So how to solve it properly and for good?

3 Tips To Stop Multitasking For Good

Tip #1: Few Things Matter

A lot of us fall into the trap of giving importance to everything, and we need to do them all together. Totally wrong idea.

Like when I started using a To-Do-List to structure more my days, and using it as a tool to beat procrastination, shockingly I found myself in another trap.

I tried to attack everything that I wrote in this list. First obvious red flag, when you have a to-do list with 10 items at least, you get a sense of overwhelm, and confusion simply when you look at it.

Also I experienced what is called “the paradox of choice”, that simply means, the more choices you have in front of you (tasks in our case), the less freedom you’ll experience.

Second problem, you don’t take necessary time for things to be accomplished. You try to hurry up everything, because your attention now goes to finishing the whole to-do-list, so the quality is not there.

I learned through this lesson two things:

  • The first one is only focus on 3 most important elements. It’s mostly used by most productivity gurus, but you know most of us are stubborn. We don’t apply what we learn.
  • The second thing: I Was able to take action a lot faster, and get to the outcome a lot efficiently.

Tip #2: Find a Good Place Only For Work

Another great tip to stop multitasking is to choose carefully a place that both light you up, and it’s far away from any external distractions.

One error that we all do is we do multiple things at the same place. Like we try to study, and play video games OR watch TV at the same room.

What this place is really designed for? You know the answer…

Currently, I linked reading, and working on my online project with coffee-shops. Since my social life is a bit limited for more focus (I got rid from all the people that are putting me down), a coffee shop is kind of a refuge to isolate myself from the world, and get the job done a lot quickly.

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Tip #3: One Thing At a Time

Another trap that causes a lot of people to get lost in multitasking is having too many goals at the same time, or trying to change different areas simultaneously.

This is an old proverb that says: “If you chase two rabbitsyou will not catch either one.”

I did this mistake with my first online venture. It was a self help website like this one, the only difference is I tried to talk about many facets of self-improvement, from productivity to mental health.

I got a bit of results, but it’s not what I expected. Not only It was an unproductive thing to do, but also I was confusing myself and also the visitors.

So, once I finally choose to write solely about productivity, and create a whole business around, things got improved a lot faster, and my focus went through the roof.

But also it helps to build a brand a lot quicker, because people know what is its core message, and what it stands for.

Another benefit, it helps me a lot in the content creation process. Just for the mere fact knowing what you’re going to talk about will save a lot of mental energy, and as a result, you’ll be able to produce great work that really impact people.

For me, that was a game changer in everything I do. Whenever I want to build or change something in my life, I focus only on one thing, even if it’s incredibly small.

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