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How To Stop Overthinking And Start Doing


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In this article, I’d like to share with you some ideas, and tactics on how to stop over thinking and start doing.

The number one reason of getting stuck in where you are is over thinking about what you are going to do or how things need to be done.

The more you overthink the less you will understand.

 Habeeb Akande

So I have for you 5 simple ideas that really helped me to stop over thinking on everything that I do, and actually get forward with my goals that I want to reach.

How To Stop Overthinking And Start Doing

Tip #1: Perfectionism is an illusion

A common problem we all face without a shadow of a doubt when we want to start a project, or to do anything new, we want to do it in a perfect way, but…

In reality there’s no such thing of doing stuff perfectly. Either you do it, and you get good at, or not, that’s how it works.

That’s something was crippling me for a long period time.

If only I took action, get out of my mind, and just start doing, regardless of what’s going to come out of it.

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Tip #2: Your Mind Is Liar

Don’t trust your mind when it comes to starting out something new, and taking any new decision.

The mind is designed to keep you safe in the comfort zone, and it’s something natural whenever you want to step up forward with whatever you’re doing.

The best way to not fall to its traps is to do the thing regardless how it feels, or the thoughts running in your head.

As Tony Robbins said: ‘If you’re living in your head, you’re dead’, and that’s true.

Tip #3: Write Stuff Down

Another great way to stop over thinking is to get thing out of your mind, and put them down in a piece of paper.

It’s simple as it might sounds, but the effects are beyond measure.

The act of writing has been scientifically  proven to release the tension coming from those negative thoughts and how you feel during the writing session.

So write down your concerns, what is stopping you from doing this or that? What are the obstacles that you’re encountering now? Are they that scary?

I also found when you’re writing things out, you’re bring clarity into the seen.

Everything becomes crystal-clear, and you can know easily the roadblocks that are stopping you.

Tip #4: Be In The Present Moment

I know it is a such hard thing to do nowadays. But it’s a skill worth to put effort into.

Our brain is wired to distract us with a massive load of thoughts and most of them are negative.

But, our job is to develop the skill of being in the present moment to control the flow, and don’t let those snags to affect our decision making process.

There’s no kind of quick fix, or a shortcut to this.

 It only takes a bit of daily practice to teach yourself to not be attached to those thoughts, and let them go.

Tip #5: Ask yourself questions

A great way to stop over thinking, is to raise awareness. But how? By simply asking yourself some helpful and easy questions.

Those questions need to be future oriented regarding an important decision, or something you want newly to start, like:

  • How this will affect my entire life 5 years from now?
  • If you don’t take this particular decision, what would happen?

I know those questions might a bit out of context but you get the point.

The goal here is to build the habit of asking question when you’re faced to an important decision, or task to get it done, and simply build awareness as a result of it.

Those are the 5 tips that I would go for to stop over thinking and actually start doing.

Make sure to leave a comment down below, and let me know what you think, and also what is the idea that made the most impact.

This article was about how to stop overthinking and start doing.