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How To Take Action When You Don’t Want To


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In this article I’d like to share with you some practical and awesome ideas to take action even if you don’t want to, to achieve your goals, and be more efficient with your energy.

Look, feeling stuck, and don’t wanting to take action it’s a normal experience. First thing first, don’t overlay exaggerate that feeling, and beat yourself up because of it. Again it’s normal.

How to take action when you don't want to? How to take action when you don't feel like it? You'll find practical ideas to take action no matter what.

The reason why I brought that up, because not wanting to take action don’t stem from our thinking or rational brain but from our feeling or emotional brain. Let me explain…

Procrastination Is An Emotional Issue

I used to think that the remedy of procrastination is only by apply some specific strategies, and tactics. I was wrong.

No matter how much articles I read, videos I watched on productivity and procrastination, nothing changed because the truth is I was “talking” to the wrong brain.

We take action by our emotions not our intellect. The truth is our emotions play a major role in decision making process. That was an incredible, and liberating distinction.

For example, most people buy stuff not only for the benefits that they get, but more so for the emotional rush, and the change of the emotional state that also a purchase can bring.

So, I’m going to share with you 2 simple steps to get yourself to take action no matter how you feel.

Step #1: Create a “feeling-good” ritual

What are the things that really light you up? What are the things that when you do you feel uplifted, and good.

Also, ask yourself: What are the things that are making you feel bad? What is the root cause of experiencing a bad mood most of the time?

Take a piece of paper and write them down. The key here is self awareness. Take your time with this exercise.

Write down 3 things that you would do to change your state almost instantly in a small version, based on what you found through this exercise.

Write them down in your phone for example, so you can access to them anytime you want when you need a burst of positive energy. It could be for example:

  • Action 1: Smile for 30 seconds
  • Action 2: Breath deeply for 1 minute.
  • Action 3: Write down 1 item that you’re grateful for

It’s simple as that.

Step #2: Start incredibly small

Once you changed your mental state, now it’s going to be a lot easier to take action.

Most people fail to get themselves to take action is because they want the result too soon. And also most people lack a strategy to be consistent for a long period of time, and optimize their energy.

I learned the best way is to start very small, especially at the beginning, and raise the bar as go with small increments.

Honestly, I don’t like writing. So, what I do is I just write few lines. In my mind that’s my goal.

Then, suddenly, I start feeling some momentum going on. I found my self writing a whole paragraph.

And this paragraph leads me to writing another paragraph, until I found myself writing the whole article.

But to get success with it, make sure that you lower this emotional burden on , amp yourself up a bit, and taking action will be a piece of cake.

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