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How To Write a To Do List For Maximum Productivity


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In this blog post, I’d like to share with you some great ideas on how to write a better a to do list for maximum productivity.

Without a doubt a to do list is an incredible tool for extreme focus, regardless of what you’re doing in life.

And for some people having a to do list is some sort of limitation, making life a bit complicated. I totally agree with them only if they are using this to-do list in the wrong way.

So, here are some ideas to consider applying the next time when you are writing your to-do list to maximize its benefits:

How To Write a To Do List For Maximum Productivity

How to write a better to do list? In this post I'm sharing 4 great ideas to write in a better way your to do list, and be more productive.

Idea #1: Don’t Overload Your To Do List

A sure way to get lost in your to do list and get overwhelmed by just looking at it, is having to many items in it.

That’s an error that costed me a lot of time.

When I decided to only write the 3 most important tasks in regards to this online productivity brand, the benefits were beyond measure.

Also, when you are only writing 3 tasks in it, it will help you to keep it as habit for a long period of time, because it’s very easy to tackle it.

Remember, for everything that you do, always think of the long term benefits of it, because this is where the gold mine is.

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Idea #2: Break Large Tasks Into Small Ones

Also a tricky way to get the most out of your to-do list is for each single task come up with sub-tasks that you could do to finish it.

That will help you to finish the big tasks a lot quickly, and effectively.

To make things a lot more efficient, you can use an app on your phone for example, to add or subtract tasks that are not needed, and in this case I use Business Calendar that’s free, it’s an “all in one” app, all you need to be organized.

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Idea #3: Create a Not To Do List

Knowing what to do is something easy for people to wrap their head around, but when it comes to things we shouldn’t do, that’s another story.

Honestly, that’s something that I’ve never done before, but it’s very interesting as an idea to have clarity on the boundaries that you need to have to eliminate distractions, and get the job done.

Because we get so sank into the buzzing of life, we become so unconscious of what we are doing, submitting to our desires, and we forget what truly matter to us.

And this exercise will help you to wake up a bit, and spot the time wasters.

So, grab a piece of paper and list out all the things that are verily wasting your time in a daily basis, and block them out for a certain period of time throughout the day.

Idea #4: Write Your Tasks In a Form Of Action In a Specific Way

Believe it or not, the way how you phrase things affects in a huge way your psyche.

In the goal setting workshops, a kind of a trick that is taught for people is to use words as “easily”, or actionable words to get people to take action a lot faster.

Instead of writing for example “gym at 5 pm”, write something like “Go to the gym at 5 Pm”. It is overly simplistic as it might looks, but the effect is huge.

Also, I’d suggest to take your time to write your to dos in detailed manner. The more specific you are, the more chances you’ll take action, because nothing kills like ambiguity.

For example, if I want to write a blog post like this one in a coffee shop, I’ll write something along those lines: “Go to the coffee shop “X” and write the blog post about “Y” at “Z” Pm, and only leave the place until its completion.”

You see the difference. It’s a lot better than to write “Blog post in the coffee shop”.

Another benefit when you already know in utter clarity what you’re going to do, you don’t lose time on things that might happen like someone calls you, or checking social media. You get doing things a lot quickly.

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