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50 Small Ways To Improve Your Life


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No matter how much you love your life there are always ways to make it much better. 

This is why I want to share this list of 50 small ways to improve your life. Simple and easy steps you can take to make your life the best it can be.

Ways to enhance your health, career, happiness, and truthfully every element of your life can always be made better!

Taking steps towards improving your life does not have to be giant life corrections. 

They can be small things you do daily, monthly, or even just once a year to start making your life closer to the life you wish to live.

I have put together a list of those little steps that you can begin taking today to get to that objective of improving your life. 

You can go through and select a number of things to start implementing or utilize this list as inspiration to produce your own list of items that you want to deal with to improve your life for the better.

Now let’s delve into this list of easy methods to make your life your finest one!

50 Small Ways To Improve Your Life

  1. Try to learn something brand-new every week
  2. Start preparing for your days in the morning
  3. Organize your closet
  4. Listen to a minimum of 1 podcast a week
  5. Put effort into enhancing your sleep
  6. Try to consume more water
  7. Clean out your fridge/freezer.
  8. Attempt to stroll a minimum of 5,000 steps a day
  9. Start your annual pail list
  10. Listen to a minimum of one audiobook a month
  11. Stretch your body for 5 minutes a day
  12. Socialize at least every other week
  13. Start journaling every morning
  14. Call a loved one at least once a week
  15. Set to work out 4 times a week
  16. Try to spend a minimum of a couple of hours a month with nature
  17. Arrange and declutter your phone
  18. Develop and follow a regular monthly budget plan
  19. Create a regular monthly wall calendar
  20. Attempt to view just 1 hour of TELEVISION a day
  21. Have a no investment day weekly
  22. Start weekly meal planning
  23. Make a couple of hours of your weekend “phone-less”.
  24. Take more pictures of what you do, yourself, and the ones you enjoyed.
  25. Volunteer once a month.
  26. Take actions to enhance your mood when you’re having a bad day
  27. Type healthy prior to bed routine.
  28. Produce and adhere to a wish list – for all shops, not just groceries.
  29. Use a weekly coordinator.
  30. Read 3 self-development books a year.
  31. Work on creating a favorable morning regimen.
  32. Put effort into not comparing yourself to others.
  33. Invest in a day by logging in so you understand where your time is going!
  34. Practice forgiving others and not holding onto animosities.
  35. Treat yourself to one brand-new product of clothes a month.
  36. Send a handwritten letter to a loved one when it’s a month.
  37. Go through all the subscriptions you pay for and evaluate if you use them.
  38. State aloud something you’re appreciative of every single day.
  39. Set up a Sunday routine to set your week up for success.
  40. Learn to take a minimum of 15-minute breaks after every 4 hours of working-full time.
  41. Deal with not multitasking, rather focus on something at a time.
  42. Erase any social network apps that make you unfortunate.
  43. Write weekly to-do lists.
  44. Celebrate your successes no matter how little.
  45. Purchase little convenience items frequently.
  46. Eat at least 2 portions of fruit and veggies daily.
  47. Invest in your skincare.
  48. Start a habit journal to track your development of brand-new habits.
  49. Make your bed every day.
  50. Do 5 pushups a day.

I hope this post added some value to your life. Make sure to choose one or two habits, and commit to them for at least 90 days.

Look, the recipe for failure and misery is to try to do too many things at once. So commitment and focus are key for a successful life!

Ali Ounassi, Founder Of

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