The Only One Secret For Massive Productivity

The one secret that you need for massive productivity. In this post, you'll find out the ONE thing that you need to master to be massively productive.

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In this article, I’d like to talk about the only secret that you need for massive productivity.

In this information era, we can access to an infinite amount of information with the internet.

Everyone is talking right and left, everyone can literally create blogs in just few minutes, and fill it up with information, or videos that are created in unlimited amount with YouTube.

Don’t get me wrong, getting access to information with this simplicity is quit exceptional, but in my experience, it came also with many issues. Let me explain…

Before I get any deeper, I want to clarify something very important. My goal is to bring a bit of awareness of some of the behaviors that probably you’re doing making you not productive.

The Information Overload: The New Distraction

That’s the new age problem. Or in other words, The new distraction. Whenever you hear distraction online, what comes up first in mind: Social media.

I know social media is the getaway between you and the information. But, what I want to come into is that social media is only at the surface level of the problem, but the true one is the over-consumption of the information, especially in the self-improvement world.

And that’s a big problem that I dealt with for a long period of time, thinking that subscribing to a bunch of YouTube channels, or blogs, and binge watch their content is the only road to success, and achieving my financial goals.

Even, the idea of success is completely screwed by many influencers, just restricting your attention to materialistic items: cars, money, house, making that even more problematic.

To a point, when I started believing that if I stop following these guys, I’m going to fall off the boat.

Until I became a bit aware when I started questioning all of that, and also, some of my family members made the same point. I became isolated, a bit egotistical, and my happiness level diminished.

And mainly, I wasn’t getting any progress, and that made me even angrier.

So, the upshot is you don’t need to watch every single video on productivity on YouTube, or to read every article. You can do that, but only for 10% of your time or less, and the other must be dedicated all to work.

 Trust me, when I did this, great stuff started happening. I became more productive than ever. But, the true realization is I found meaning, and joy in the process which is the key of getting fast results.

The Process Is Everything

In the “obstacle is the way”, Ryan Holiday brought up many great points on how to turn adversities into advantages inspired by many noble figures like Heraclitus, Marcus Aurelius, and some other stoic philosophers.

All of them are good, but one that is worth sharing in this matter is a chapter that he called “Follow the process”.

focus on the process quotes
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And in it, he talked about many ideas and examples of the importance of following the process as the only way to get successful at anything you do:

  • Like you should not focus on the difficult task and instead breaking it down into small pieces, and move ahead just one step at a time.
  • The process is about being in the present moment and not getting distracted by the prize, or what you will get.
  • The process is about finishing. Finishing workouts, Finishing reps, Finishing blocks. Finishing the smallest tasks right in front of you, and finish it well.

Ryan Holiday also underlined a big issue that a lot of people struggle with, which is, that change is impossible because it’s too big, crippling them form fulfilling their dreams, and their inspirations.

He added that “…we are A to Z thinkers, fretting about A, obsessing about Z, and forgetting it’s all about B through Y.”

Why did I talked about all of this?

For the simple reason to remind myself first, and you, that unfortunately, we’ve lost patience, and we want to get the thing fast, thinking all our problems will be solved.

Especially right now with social media, everyone is exposing his possessions, bragging about what they have, life is always awesome, everything is all about pleasure, so we give up on the process, and we start being obsessed with the what we don’t have yet.

And when you finally get it. What happens? A bit of disappointment. Why?

Because what you’ve expected it’s not what you got. Only a high for few minutes, or few hours, and get you back to your natural state.

That’s in my point of view, it’s the biggest distraction of all that is stopping people from being ultra productive.

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