13 Things To Do Instead Of Scrolling Through Your Phone

When you're ready to stop procrastinating, here are a few reasons why you should start. Now, it's time for you to make the change.

Everyone knows that social media has become a huge part of our lives.

But there are times when we have to take a break from it. There are a lot of things you can do instead of social media, whether you’re tired of all the posts or just want some time away from the screen.

If you want to know “what to do instead of social media,” remember that there was life before social media!

This article will show you 13 things you can do instead of using social media.

Stats and Facts About Social Media

So, if you want to think of something else to do instead of social media, let’s look at some facts and statistics about social media.

Out of the 7.8 billion people in the world, more than 3.96 billion use social media.

Most people use Facebook at noon and in the middle of the week.

Nearly 75% of people said they use social media sites online for almost the whole day.

The average person spends about two and a half hours a day on social media sites online.

The average person who uses social media has eight profiles or accounts.

The last three numbers above show how much time social media would take.

Also, it could be a very serious addiction for many people who don’t use the sites for work or business.

It’s important to know what to do instead of social media because of this.

13 Things To Do Instead Of Scrolling Through Your Phone

1- Learn how to use tools for editing photos.

Giving up on social media networks doesn’t mean you have to give up on all technology. In fact, it’s a good idea to keep up with new technology.

Image-editing tools are needed in many jobs today.

Even if editing images isn’t part of your job, it can be a fun and relaxing thing to do in your free time and skill to put on your resume.

Also, trying out new and interesting skills like photo editing might make you interested in something new and lead you to a new career path.

You might even find a side job that will help you get closer to being able to live on your own.

Canva and Gimp are both free and easy-to-use alternatives to Adobe Photoshop that are good for people who have never used a photo editor before.

2- Go for a walk

When we’re not looking at our phones, it seems like the most natural thing to do is go for a walk.

Still, many of us choose to stay inside most of the time. One study found that the average person uses social media for 145 minutes per day. On the other hand, a 10-minute walk is great for our health in many ways.

So, by taking just 10 minutes a day away from social media, we’re setting ourselves up for a much healthy and balanced way of life.

3- Set up a vision board.

Vision boards are an extra thing you should add to your new list of things to do.

If you haven’t heard of vision boards before, they are a way for people to see their goals and dreams, as well as a way to keep them motivated and remind them of what they want to do in real life.

Think about where you want to be in a year, set at least one life goal, and use old magazines and scissors to make a vision board.

If you can’t get magazines anymore, you can use a lot of online tools to make your own digital magazine.

4- Start Painting

Now is a great time to start painting if you’ve never done so before.

Several articles highlight the therapeutic effects of painting on the mind and body.

Furthermore, painting is a great medium through which to test out and hone one’s, imaginative faculties.

People can benefit mentally, emotionally, and physically from engaging in creative visual expression.

5- Start working out.

Try to spend less time on social media and more time working out every day.

Physical activities have many benefits, but if you don’t feel like doing them, you might stay in bed with your phone.

Trainers know that people don’t always feel like working out, so they often give motivational speeches before the training session starts.

So, if you find it hard to get started, there are lots of fitness trainers on YouTube who encourage their viewers to keep going through the exercises, which makes the whole workout more fun.

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6- Start a journal

Have you ever felt like your feelings and thoughts were too much to handle?

If you have, writing in a journal is a good way to stop your mind from going too fast.

Journaling is a good and inexpensive way to take care of yourself by learning more about yourself, letting go of feelings that are stuck, and reducing anxiety.

One good thing to do is write down a few things you are grateful for and read them every night before bed.

You can keep the book next to your bed and write in it whenever you want.

7- Start gardening

Why gardening?

Because it helps us feel more connected to nature, relieves stress, and teaches us to be more responsible.

You can get all of the above benefits from gardening at home or outside.

But gardening outside and spending a little time in the sun can also make you feel better.

8- Unsubscribe from newsletters that are annoying.

We all hate it when our email boxes are full. We miss or don’t pay attention to important emails, and annoying newsletter alerts constantly ruin our peace.

Even if you don’t want to subscribe to a website, you may still need your email address to send you important information or let you download an e-book.

Instead of wasting time on social networks, you might be able to delete and stop getting emails from lists you don’t need.

9- Take a power nap

Naps of 20 to 30 minutes are great for giving your body a new start.

A few online sources say that power naps are a great way to get rid of stress and tiredness and sharpen your focus.

People who work from home and can nap for 20 minutes during their lunch break are great candidates for power naps.

So, instead of scrolling through social media, give your mind a break by taking a power nap.

10- Read what interests you.

The next thing on our list is to read something you like.

This could be a book, magazine, blog, or even an article you found online that you thought was interesting.

Reading is a good way to discover new things and get away from social media’s endless scroll.

If you don’t know what to read, you could ask a friend for suggestions or look online for lists of books.

You can even try a new genre you’ve been curious about!

You’re sure to find something to read that interests you because there are so many good things to read.

And once you start reading, you’ll probably forget why you were on social media, to begin with.

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11 – Spend quality time with friends, family, or pets

This is better than chatting online with people you don’t know.

People who are close to you or who are related to you are more important.

Pets are also a great way to make friends. They love us no matter what and can help us feel better when we’re stressed.

Spending time with people you care about is a great way to unwind and forget about the rest of the world for a little while.

Remember that the people and animals in your life are the most important things. They will be there for you through good and bad times.

12- Write something down

You don’t have to use social media. There are other things you can do instead.

You could, for example, write a story, a poem, or a journal. This can be a great way to show your creativity and express yourself.

Writing can help you in many ways. When you write, you can go into more depth with your thoughts and feelings.

You can also find out more about yourself and the world around you. Writing can also be a great way to get rid of stress and worry.

Start by coming up with ideas if you don’t know what to write about. Write about what’s going on in your life, your thoughts, feelings, and anything else that comes to mind. As soon as you start writing, ideas will come to you.

Every day, even if it’s just for a few minutes, give yourself time to write.

You’ll be surprised by how much you enjoy it and how quickly the words come. Who knows, you might even find a skill you didn’t know you had!

13- Look at your current financial situation.

It’s important to know how much money you have, especially if you’re trying to save.

Look at your bank statements to figure out where you can spend less.

You might be surprised to see how much money you spend on things you don’t really need.

Personal finances take as much time as you can give them. There are financial ideas to think about, numbers to figure out, amounts to write down, bills to pay, etc.

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