11 Things To Do When You’re Lacking Motivation

In this post, you will find 21 success principles that you must follow today to achieve your dream life. Follow these principles and you will see magic.

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Get your FREE copy of the eBook where you'll find 6 practical strategies to beat procrastination FOR GOOD.
how to stop procrastination For Good. This FREE Procrastination book PDF will teach you how to stop procrastinating for good, and reach your goals.

Do you experience those days where you just felt completely unmotivated to do anything?

I know I sure do. We all have those kinds of days (or seasons, let’s be real) every once in a while.

Simply being tired or simply feeling uninspired can affect our overall performance.

Something I have been struggling with lately is having a lot to do in a short time and finding the motivation to knock it all out in time.

When I’m confused with a lot to do, it’s difficult to identify the urge to be efficient even if I know I require to be. I’m sure I’m not alone in this experience.

As I assessed the times that I was uninspired to get things done, I paid attention to some ways that I broke through those ruts and was efficient in the end.

I hope these ideas and tricks can assist you to break out of an uninspired rut to help you be more efficient!

After all, I feel so excellent and achieved after I haven’t crossed whatever off my order of business.


1. Ask Yourself Why You Don’t Feel Motivated

Why don’t I feel inspired to get these tasks done?

What’s eliminating my desire to be productive?

It’s constantly best to try to get to the root of the problem before you can figure out ways to mend the problem.

The absence of motivation can be caused by lots of various things and often it can have no cause.

In either case, attempt your finest to recognize what the huge problem could be so you can address it at the source.

2. Assess Your Time

Time is an important thing and often we forget that.

Often the pressure of getting something performed in a certain timeframe can cause us to put the task off more.

It’s always best to check in and see if you’re being intentional with your time.

Attempt drawing up reasonable order of business that will work around the time you are readily available to get things achieved.

3. Ensure That You’re Being Organized

The absence of organization is probably one of the leading problems for me when it concerns lacking motivation at any time.

While I like to believe I’m organized most of the time, there are still those times where all that’s on my desk or in my living space is clutter.

It happens! Clean up when you need to. Attempt not to postpone cleansing. You’re more apt to be productive in a tidy environment than one that’s cluttered.

4. Check-In On Your Basic Needs

Are you getting adequate sleep?

Are you eating healthier meals and snacks?

It’s jaw-dropping just how much a modification in your sleep schedule or diet can impact your general everyday functions.

I know when I’m running low on sleep, I can hardly work sometimes.

It’s important to keep yourself healthy all of the time, however specifically when you understand you have extra jobs that you need to get accomplished.

Instead of needing to catch up after the tasks, prepare yourself ahead of time so you feel more stimulated and all set to assault your objectives.

5. Prioritize Correctly and Conquer Your Tasks

Taking the required time to write out, prioritize your jobs, and plan how to dominate them will help you an immense quantity, even if you’re not feeling that encouraged.

Having a little bit of a light schedule to keep you on track will help you stay the course. Focus on things in an order of importance and have grace with yourself when you need to re-prioritize jobs.

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6. Making Time For Self-Care

If you’re down and not feeling motivated or energized to tackle your tasks, then put time aside for self-care.

Self-care looks different for everybody, however, if you need to take an hour to just have some “me time” before executing your order of business, then do it.

Allow yourself to. When you’re revitalized and refreshed, you’ll always work much better and more purposefully.

7. Attempt Setting a Timer

I do not know if it’s simply me, however, if I focus too long on one job at a time, I can hit a wall.

Attempt setting a timer for 25-30 minutes for each job.

Even if you’re not finished with one when the timer goes off, relocate to the next thing on your list for a short while and after that come back with a restored focus.

This has been hugely useful for me. Let me know if you give it a try and it assists you, too!

8. Disconnect From Unnecessary Distractions

The type of disconnect that I’m talking about doesn’t simply relate to signing off social networks or not examining your e-mail.

Depending upon your daily life and the tasks at hand, there may be other distractions you encounter.

For instance: if you require to do the laundry, meals, and tidy the restroom, keep the TV off! Having the television on is just asking yourself to get drawn into whatever show is on at the time.

Rather, attempt switching on the radio for home entertainment while you’re getting your job done.

9. Do not Force Yourself

While there is time to press yourself to finish the job, there are also times where you require to be flexible with yourself.

If imagination isn’t flowing for a task, don’t force it.

Rather, take some time away, concentrate on self-care, and carry on to the next job.

Depending upon the task, requiring something will only push you even more down the lane of discouraged and drained pipes.

Learning discernment in times like these is vital. It’s okay to push yourself when you require to, but also keep in mind grace when it’s needed.

10. Remember Your “Why”.

Buddies, always remember your “why.” Your why is the passion or function behind whatever task may be in front of you?

If it’s a creative task you require to focus on, keep in mind the enthusiasm you have to begin it.

If you’re simply doing everyday cleaning and organizing, advise yourself that you’ll feel better in a tidy environment.

Keeping in mind the function of the jobs you require to get achieved is huge for discovering your motivation.

11. Reward Yourself.

I am a firm follower of the term “treat yo self!” If getting your butt in equipment indicates informing yourself you can get a reward after you achieve it, then you just might have to do that!

Get your preferred drink from Starbucks or treat yourself to brand-new nail polish. It’s okay to reward yourself for a task well done!

Ali Ounassi, Founder Of BestProductivityTips.com

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