10 Things You Should Never Do In The Morning

In this article, I'd like to share with you 10 things you should never do in the morning if you want to start your day on a productive and happy note.

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In this article, I’d like to share with you 10 things you should never do in the morning if you want to start your day on a productive and happy note.

We typically start our days on auto-pilot, simply going through the motions of our regimens and not paying attention to how we feel or how we act.

We need to have the conscious habit of doing certain things in the early morning when we get up, such as practicing meditation, extending, listening to soothing music while we get ready, or something we take pleasure in that will get us in the right state of mind for our day.

Nevertheless, some morning activities hinder productivity and overall mood. In fact, they can put a damper on the rest of our day.

10 Things You Should Never Do In The Morning

So here are the 10 things you should never do at all costs to have a productive and happy day.

Checking Your E-mail Inbox

Although emails can carry relevant details about your life or work, you should not immediately check them right after waking up.

Doing this will make you feel hurried and take you out of today’s minutes.

According to an IDC Research Report, 80% of people check their phones right when they roll out of bed in the early morning.

In particular, checking e-mails will cause you to take some action. 

Nothing is so immediate that it needs you to right away respond to e-mails, instead of having your breakfast, working out, or getting your mind all set for the day ahead.

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Make a big Decesion

When we wake up in the morning, we normally feel a bit foggy, till we have some coffee and a good breakfast, obviously.

However, even after getting some food in our stomachs and wiping the sleep from our eyes, making big decisions in the morning can be a recipe for disaster.

It would help if you waited till you feel totally awake before making any significant choices, so you do not choose that you will later regret them.

Browsing Social Media

Social media currently uses up a large part of people’s time these days, but checking it in the early morning can prevent our efficiency even further.

With the majority of people checking their phones right when they get up, social media likely records for the majority of what smart device users do on their phones in the early morning.

Checking notifications and reading updates about your friends’ lives can seem appealing, but wait up until you have gotten all your tasks done for the day prior to getting lost in social networks.

It can easily eliminate important time and serve as a huge distraction when getting vital things done.

Checking Your Bank Account

Who wants more stress in the early morning when preparing for work, getting the kids prepared for school, and whatever else that comprises our early morning routines?

According to reports by the American Psychological Association, financial resources continue to top the charts as the most substantial stress factor in individuals’ lives.

With that said, mornings do not make the very best time to examine your bank statements, as this might start your day on the wrong foot.

If you need to inspect your financial resources, aim to do it when you can and need time to analyze your costs.

Watching The News

We all understand the news seldom paints a positive image of the world, so why start your day with so much negativity and fear?

Not only that, however checking the news headlines and reading the newspaper can take up a great chunk of your early morning, which implies you’ll have less time to get ready for work or spend time with your family.

If you enjoy keeping up with the news, attempt checking out simply a few of the main stories, and conserve the others for later in the day.

Making An Important Purchase

Early mornings generally don’t make the very best time to buy something, specifically if it involves a car, truck, house, or something else of that nature.

You ought to make certain you’ve had adequate time to consider all possibilities prior to making a big purchase and not waste a big quantity of cash when you feel groggy in the early morning.

Wait until you feel more stimulated and awake prior to making any significant purchases.

Playing Games On Your Phone

Another big time waster, playing video games on your phone can eat away at your time in the morning.

Sure, Candy Crush may appear enjoyable, but wait for a time when you don’t have a million things to do.

You can constantly play video games when you get your errands and work done, or maybe at in-between times throughout the day, like waiting on a medical professional’s visit or being in the cars and truck waiting on your kids to get out of school.

Get In Debate With Someone

When you still feel somewhat irritated and tired, arguing with someone can just have one outcome, and it does not look excellent.

Debating with someone takes energy and reasoning to get your points through plainly. 

If you enter into a debate with someone before you’ve had time to get up and get used to the day appropriately, it might result in saying things you don’t mean and having a conversation based on feelings instead of truths.


We set alarms for a reason– to wake up at a particular time to fit everything into our day and make it on time to work or school.

Even pushing snooze as soon as you can start your day of rest on the wrong note because you’ll have to hustle a little bit more to prepare.

Nobody likes early mornings that feel hurried and frantic, so make certain to get up when your alarm goes off, so you can get your day started on a favorable mark.

Eating Unhealthy Foods Or Skipping Breakfast Enterily

It’s not new knowledge that breakfast is the most essential meal of the day; however, a lot of people do not treat it as such.

They either choose a fast, easy meal from a fast-food chain or avoid breakfast completely.

According to WebMD, skipping breakfast can cause weight gain, as people consume larger meals, later on, to make up for breakfast.

Make certain you make the effort to have a nutritious, good-sized breakfast, so you have the energy to survive your day.

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