7 Powerful Ways To Overcome Procrastination Once And For All


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In this article, I’d like to share with you 7 ways to overcome procrastination.

Everyone struggles with this. Procrastination strikes everywhere.

Every time you want to do this task, you feel those unpleasant emotions so you step back and you don’t do it.

The main reason why we procrastinate is we link fear and discomfort to what we want to do.

So, we begin to build those mountains in our head crippling us in the comfort zone avoiding pain. It’s not only limiting but it’s destructive.

That’s why I’d like to share with you the 7 ways to overcome procrastination so you can outdo those limitations and get the results that you desire:

Tip #1: Take tiny steps

One of the powerful way to trick you mind is to start very small with no willpower involved. So how you can do that?

Very simple. Take this task that fears you and chunk it down into tiny sequences.

For example, instead of spending 1 hour to get your task done, begin by just 2 minutes. I know it’s silly but it works.

As time goes one, scale the time up by 1-minute increment. The reason why this strategy is powerful:

  1. There’s no willpower to exert to push yourself to do it which will save you a lot of energy.
  2. You’re not kicking things quickly, and you’re doing them gradually so your mind can very be comfortable with that without having any resistance.

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Tip #2: Recognize the more you procrastinate the more painful it becomes.

You’ve probably felt that when you procrastinate a lot.

The truth is, because you’re postponing your tasks only to avoid experiencing pain and awkward feelings after or while doing them.

But what I discovered with procrastination is the more I delay doing things, the more this pain grows and take power over me.

You’ve probably noticed or not, but I want to remind you how things become complicated over time, and my call to action is this: Do it now.

You can apply the “2 minutes’ strategy” above to help you kick those tasks and outdo procrastination.

Find out 7 powerful ways to overcome procrastination once and for all. By applying these tips you'll be more productive than ever and hit your desired goals

Tip #3: Change your environment.

The environment involves many items that you can heed to get you stuff done.

 Your working environment has a direct effect on how you feel on the moment which can be an obstacle from working in your important tasks.

For example, if your desk is a mess, you’ll lose quickly momentum and motivation because the environment it’s not pleasant to be in.

 Other thing is your social circle. Your social environment plays a major role in your success.

 So be aware of that. Your friends might be a cause of procrastinating on your looming tasks to do minor things that waste your time, and you let it as an excuse to avoid doing them.

 The bottom line is to clean up your working environment, and not be afraid to reject other’s demands, because it’s a source of distraction.

 Tip #4: Change your current beliefs

Your beliefs state your actions. If you’re stuck in your limiting beliefs, chances are high to quit quickly. It’s a perception game.

All those limitations that occur in your mind stems from a place of fear and darkness.

Yeah, I know it’s easy to say, but hard to do. But it’s the foundation not only overcoming procrastination, but your life will be brighter if you conquer those limitations.

 My best strategy to build that “positive belief muscle” is to deposit positive ideas in your mind more often throughout day by bring up some emotions.

What that does, those positive seeds (which are your positive pictures) will start to rise through constant repetition, and they take over the negatives one over time. That’s the key.

Seek a mentor or coach who is successful in social media and tap into his knowledge and his core beliefs.

Tip #5: Reward yourself

Another great way to stick with your to-dos is to set up a reward system.

 But you have to show some self-discipline. Say to yourself, if I want to watch this Netflix show for example, I have to do this task first.

Setting reward will internalize those unpleasant emotions linked to this task, so you will feel more pushed towards it.

Also reward it’s a form of acknowledgement of the effort that you’ve done.

 As time goes on, you’ll strengthen those positive emotions by achieving your tasks, which lead to more confidence and pride because you’ve passed that barrier.

Tip #6: Drop perfectionism

Maybe you are procrastinator because you are perfectionist.

You know what, perfectionism is a dream killer. Perfectionism does not exist.

The truth is perfectionism stems mainly from fear, nothing else.

We justify our tendency to not doing it or postpone it with excuses and stories, but in reality we don’t want to show our vulnerabilities to the world worrying of other’s judgements.

Instead, chase progress that perfect. This means that you have to focus how you can make small improvements each day and making it better.

Tip #7: Find an accountability partner 

You can hold yourself accountable to someone in your social circle.

By sharing your aims to someone, you’ll push yourself to do it and not go back on your word, because you’ll lost your personal credibility.

Try to find someone who is interesting about you as a person and what you want to accomplish, so you can:

  •  Have constructive feedback to well up your motivation and stick to your plan.
  •  Create some completion each other that up the game further and push the limits.


Get your FREE copy of the eBook where you'll find 6 practical strategies to beat procrastination FOR GOOD.
how to stop procrastination For Good. This FREE Procrastination book PDF will teach you how to stop procrastinating for good, and reach your goals.

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