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10 Top Ways To Stop Procrastination Quickly And Get Productive


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This post is about 10 top ways to stop procrastination and finally get productive.

Everybody has done it in the past, however, the majority of people want to find a way out from doing it. It is extremely important to learn how to stop procrastinating so that you can be efficient with your energy and time.

The simple definition of procrastination is to postpone or delay something. Period.

Procrastination is a shortage of self-control. When you do one thing when you know you must be doing something else. It’s that plaguing force that stops you from following through on what you set out to achieve.

Procrastination does not only apply to our careers and professional lives. For lots of people, procrastination has dripped into every aspect of our lives! Whether it’s doing tasks around your home, paying taxes, putting gas in the cars and truck, registering for that art class, clearing out the garage — procrastination penetrates everything.

So, without furtehr ado, here are 10 top ways to stop procrastination and get things done more efficiently to achieve your goals much quicker. Let’s begin.

10 Top Ways To Stop Procrastination Quickly And Get Productive

Tip #1: Control Your Environment

First off: if your environment is filled with distractions and temptations, you’re putting yourself at a disadvantage from the start.

For example, working in your dormitory might seem hassle-free, however, if computer games and food are within sight, you may be lured to take a lot of “study or work breaks.”

The very first step you’ll need to take is to determine the optimal area if diversions fuel your procrastination. Individuals’ choices for workspaces vary considerably.

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For example, I choose libraries and other quiet locations while others need the bustle of cafes or trainee centers to feel comfy. Regardless, here are 3 ideas to remember when creating your work area:

  • Remove interruptions: computer games, your phone, unnecessary snacks, and perhaps even people (simply be nice!).
  • Keep it consistent. Your brain likes patterns, and if you return to the very same area over and over, your mind can funnel its energy into work instead of wondering why you’re moving from a location to another one.
  • Make certain whatever you need is within arm’s reach. If you “unintentionally” leave your note pads or calculators in other places, you’re providing yourself a reason to interrupt your workflow. Pack up and sit tight.

Taking control of your environment isn’t just restricted to physical items: you need to take control of your digital environment too.

This can suggest putting your phone on plane mode to remove notices, Reddit, Facebook, or whatever else waste your time.

Tip #2: Take Baby Steps

10 Powerful ways to stop procrastination and get productive. Find out in this post, ideas and simple techniques to beat procrastination for good.

When you’re not encouraged to reach your objective, it’s hard even to get started.

So even the first small action towards it will seem like an accomplishment. For example, if you have some reading to do for your paper, invest ten minutes or so checking out a page.

You’ve already told your brain that an adjustment has happened when you’ve taken that action.

Your naturally lazy brain (we are all wired to be lazy) will no longer withstand. You will then set off momentum towards your goal, which will carry you like a wave and get you there.

Tip 3: Create a NOT To Do List

We are generally extremely focused on what we need to do: We need to clear out the garage. We need to pay the rent.

But, we never think about the important things that are standing in our way, the important things that we must not allow ourselves to do because they feed into procrastination.

We all know how to create the world’s best to-do lists, however, what we really need to do is write a NOT to-do list.

  • So it’s time to clean out the garage. Make your NOT to-do list full of things that might hinder your ability to begin:
  • Do not check the notifications on your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts.
  • Don’t let yourself get sucked into Netflix.
  • Since it’s on the way to the garage, absolutely don’t snack around in the cooking area.
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Keep yourself in check by establishing accurate and stringent NOT to-do lists, so you do not permit yourself to make any more excuses regarding why you didn’t get your huge project done.

When you’re clear on what you should NOT be doing, it permits for more brainpower and space to focus on the tasks at hand that you should be achieving.

When you take a seat for the day or the week, it’s just as important to jot down 3 things you do not wish to get done for the day as the 3 things you do wish to do! I challenge you to create today’s list and see how well you stick to it.

You’ll be surprised at just how much more productive and stimulated you’ll feel when you take on whatever you set out to accomplish (and nothing that you weren’t).

Tip #4: Set Barriers

Take a while to set up barriers to what obstructs you from getting your work done.

These are the little things that get in the way of being productive. Whether the barrier is huge or small, don’t take the simple escape of just giving up and not getting work done.

Digitally, a great deal of our procrastination takes place in the social media wormhole.

First, we check in on Facebook, then we get drawn into playing an online video game, then we arrange through the junk e-mail that comes in, then we may tweet about said junk e-mail.

Next thing you understand, you’re on every “fun” app on your phone or computer system, and the garage is still a mess!

Here’s the repair: established barriers on your own on your NOT to-do list.

One concept is to set up various users on your computer. One is a “Play User” where all your games, enjoyable apps, and favorite bookmarked pages live; the other is a “Get-It-Done User,” where all interruptions are uninstalled, disabled and you’ve set it approximately open all the apps and programs that you need to utilize to get your work done instantly upon logging in.

This system takes down the barriers and diversions that are keeping you from getting work done, so it’s easy to NOT procrastinate!

Another recommendation might be to block particular websites and apps throughout specific times via parental controls so you can’t procrastinate digitally, even if you tried.

If your most productive work occurs between 10 am to 1 pm on the weekend, utilize parental controls on Netflix and the TV so you don’t “inadvertently” start seeing your preferred program after breakfast and lose the entire day!

Establishing these barriers or taking barriers down will help you focus on what you need to do with no excuses.

Tip #5 Use The 15 Minutes Rule

10 Powerful ways to stop procrastination and get productive. Find out in this post, ideas and simple techniques to beat procrastination for good.

Get a timer. Use your phone, a stopwatch, or a clock that you have useful.

It needs to be something that can count down the time, and place it in front of you. Set the timer to 15 minutes.

Then, begin doing the activity that you’ve been putting off and dedicate to doing it for 15 minutes.

Why only do it for 15 minutes?

Well, doing an activity for 15 minutes, and committing just to that block of time, aids you overcome the obstacle of procrastination.

Typically, when somebody does something for 15 minutes, they continue doing it for a lot longer. And, by only devoting to 15 minutes, you’re assisting to overcome among the biggest obstacles in your mind, which simply involves starting.

So, devote 15 minutes. Do something for 15 minutes right now that you have been delaying. Reserve a block of 15 minutes every single day, and over time, you’ll build much better routines that will empower you rather than disable you.

All of it begins in 15 minutes. That’s all it takes.

Tip #6: Temptation Bundling

A simple method to break the procrastination cycle is to link tasks or habits you need to do with things you love to do.

Here’s an example:

You want to go to the gym regularly and love listening to podcasts. Utilizing temptation bundling you make a rule to only listen to podcasts while you are working at the gym.

How can you construct your temptation structure method? The trick is to find tasks that match each other.

The formula for this is: “Only (what you desire) while doing (what you should)”. Produce a two-column list:

Left side, write everything you like doing. This is your “desire list”. Jot down as many as you can. Examples: viewing shows, listening to podcasts or audiobooks.

On the right one, write down the things or behaviors that you need to be doing but hesitate on. This is your “must-do list”. Examples: processing overdue work email, working out, reading.

Now your job is to connect the lists.

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Tip #7: Start Your Day With The Hardest Task

Also, one of the great ways to stop procrastination is to begin the day with doing the hardest stuff first, and get them out of the way.

Possibly you have an important call to make that you also fear might be unpleasant. Maybe you understand you have gotten behind on addressing your emails and have a huge pile to dig into. Perhaps you have the last 5 pages of your paper to complete.

Whatever it might be, get it out of your way the very first thing you do.

If you start your day by doing this you will feel relieved. You’ll be favorable, feel unwinded, and excellent about yourself.

And the rest of the day– and your to-do list– tend to feel a lot lighter and much easier to move through. It’s remarkable what distinction this one action makes.

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Tip #8: Be Realistic

Set to yourself simple, attainable goals.

Do not make massive to-do lists. Prevent setting yourself up for failure by writing substantial jobs that will not be completed on time. It’s daunting and counterproductive.

Rather than informing yourself that’ll you get to Inbox Zero, prioritize the e-mails you need to react to that particular day.

If you need to write a client report, do not devote yourself to writing the entire thing unless it’s feasible. Operate in areas and give yourself sensible timelines and deadlines.

Break all tasks down into possible portions, that method you’ll feel much more concentrated and at ease.

Tip #9: Simply Take Breaks

Once in a while, you need to take regular breaks every.

So, when your timer goes off, make sure you get up from your desk or computer and move around.

Do whatever helps you loosen up: scream into a pillow, load the dishwasher, sleep or fold clothes.

Tip #10: Having a Purpose Behind

It is hard to pick a route if you have not yet determined a destination.

Many individuals are not innovative when considering their “location.”

Generally, if your sole reason for doing something is just to complete it, you will be successful, but miserable.

Keep in mind those midnight sessions composing drafts of your dissertation, hours before it was due? Yes, the drafts were finished, but under excellent stress.

Wanting simply to end up a task isn’t enough to fend off procrastination. Purpose matters.

Be innovative with your goals. Try to develop a wider function that you are enthusiastic about and fit the task at hand into your strategy for advancing towards that goal.

This post was about 10 top ways to stop procrastination.

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