Why Do Most Bloggers Fail?

Why do most bloggers fail? In this post, we are going to discover the uncommon reasons why bloggers fail, and how to avoid them to be a successful blogger.

Interesting question.  

Dear reader, if you are reading, there’s a big chance that you are a blogger, and somehow your blog is not doing well. In short, you are looking for answers.

Maybe you are searching for a new tip, a tactic, or a loophole, to grow your blog fast.

What you are going to find in this article, is simply not that! It is a new approach to doing things.

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Look, in my humble experience of blogging (about 4 years), and making a lot of mistakes, tips or tactics are not enough to create a successful blog.

I found (it is something I neglected from successful online bloggers) that the way to make it to the top is how you see blogging, your mindset, and finally your habits.

Don’t worry! we are going to layout each one of them in this article.

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Until this day, I’m also experiencing a lot of struggle to make my online blog successful.

The truth is I get steady traffic every day, people are opting for my e-mail list, and I’m making a little bit of money.

But wait a minute! “why is it in the headline that you mentioned the word “fail” and you are getting some results?”

That’s what we are going to explain in the following lines.


How do you “see” blogging?

Did you ever stop for a moment, and ask yourself: Why am I blogging?

In truth, that’s what brought me to write this article. 

Because I found myself doing things completely wrong, even though I was getting some results.

This new way of blogging is packaged and portrayed as a means to solely make money, grow your subscriber list, and get followers. Everything is based on externals.

2021 Blogging Statistics: Blogger Data Shows Trends and Insights Into  Blogging
Source: Orbit Media

Whereas, the true reason for blogging is a way to communicate your thoughts, your perspectives, your feelings, and track things like using a diary or a journal.

Instead of doing it physically, you are doing it online in the form of organized structure blogs, called a website.

That’s how we should see blogging. 

Yes, as bloggers, we went astray from the true essence of blogging, and from my point of view, that’s what caused a lot of us to fail.

So the hint is: Don’t see blogging as a business model. See it as a way to share your ideas, your emotions, to learn, to grow.

See it as a therapeutic practice as well. If you are having troubling concerns, or you want to find answers, blogging is the way to do so.

And trust me, all those externals will follow.  

Blogging is a Habit

Without a doubt, we are creatures of habits. Everything revolves around habits.

As someone eager to learn about the subject of habit, it drove me to study it, and I discovered so many simple but powerful strategies to shape your whole life.

But my most important and potent discovery is that all that we do consciously or unconsciously takes the form of a habit.

Not only for the normal things we do every day but also for the things we do at work. It’s pretty amazing.

From the best seller James Clear’s book “Atomic Habits”, he talked about the importance of building a system based on habits, and starting from it, rather than setting goals.

In the context of blogging, let’s assume you are a beginner.

Instead of saying “I will create 10 posts a week” (which is a clear and specific goal) and burn yourself out, say each day I’m going to write one paragraph.

Writing a paragraph every day is a lot achievable in comparison to writing 10 posts a week. 

The goal should not be writing “X” amount of posts. The main goal should be writing itself.

Make it your main goal, and you will see wonders.

The Benefits Of “Looking at” Blogging as a Habit and Not a Goal

First off, before I start laying out the benefits of this new approach, I’d like to encourage you to read Atomic Habits by James Clear and The Power of Habits by Charles Duhigg.

These two books are life-changing.

Anyway, let’s go back to our subject. Here are some of the advantages of “looking at” blogging as a habit in my personal experience:

You are focusing on the process, not the outcome.

Habits of their nature are processed based. So, when you start doing anything with a “habit” approach, intrinsically you are saying that the process is more important.

Habits are controllable, unlike results. Meaning, you have total control of the habit, you can tweak it, make it longer, shorter, it’s malleable. 

On the other hand, the outcome may or may not occur.

Plus, this approach provides us a sense of self-satisfaction impacting positively our mental health, since by nature we like to control things.

And that, in itself, will help us to keep going.

You are taking advantage of your subconscious mind

When you are relying on habits, actually, you are drawing a lot of power from your subconscious which is a strong way to keep going. It’s called automation.

With enough repetition, you’re deepening the action of blogging into the subconscious which means, it will happen automatically, without any conscious motivation.

You are freeing up mental resources to do other things like research, and coming up with new ideas that use some mental power.

You are more likely to stick to blogging.

Willpower or motivation is a depleting resource. Usually, when we set out an outcome to reach, we base our intention and action on motivation.

Unfortunately, the tank of motivation goes down quickly. So, it’s not a long-term strategy to build favorable results.

In contrast, when you build a habit-based process like writing 20 minutes each day in 30 days, it’s reachable and practical.

No motivation or results are involved. All you have to do is write.

The true secret of being a successful blogger

There’s a big difference between “being a successful blogger” and “having a successful blog”.

Being a successful blogger means that you mastered the ins and the outs of the whole process of blogging. 

In addition to mastering technical stuff like On-page and Off-page SEO, you were able to develop the right mindset, habits, and discipline to convey your message and engage people, which is the most important thing.

These ingredients are the seeds that will help you to get the results desired no matter what happens in your way.

On the other hand, having a successful blog is totally different. In fact, anyone can have a successful blog.

You can buy some tools, pay some people to do the work for you, and create a successful blog, without having to write a single word.

As a result, you can get a massive amount of money, and rank in the top ten of Google pages, but there’s a problem…

When something bad happens along the way, how will you handle it? 

How will you manage your inner self to find a solution to the problem?

You need to be at the capacity to take control of the steering wheel of your blog because you are the boss, and that’s for me true success.

Hopefully, you get the point…

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Source: GrowthBadger

So, How To Increase Your Chance To Be a Successful Blogger And Create a Successful Blog

This section is going to be a kind of summary of everything that we viewed in this article.

1. Always have the right motive for blogging: 

You should be selfless, not selfish. Your “why” should come from within.

You are blogging to learn, to cultivate new ideas, and thoughts, and helping others to solve their problems, and mainly master the skill of blogging.

For me, that’s the bedrock of a successful blog.

2. Focus on the process and not the outcome

Motivation and perseverance aren’t going to be a big deal when you focus on the process.

What makes people stop blogging? The answer is simple: Their reasons were based solely on external outcomes.

Remember the true definition of focusing on the process is this: “Your main goal is to write and share your product with others in the hope of helping them to solve their problems.”

In this way, motivation is not going to be a problem, which is a great strategy for long-term success.

3. Always see Blogging as a habit

If you see it this way, you decrease the friction of getting in front of your computer and start writing.

This goes hand in hand with focusing on the process because your reason for taking action is merely to write.

4. Have long-term thinking

from my experience, having short-term thinking is the recipe for failure. Period.

Unfortunately, the promises that many marketers make in the online world are often misleading, using some unrealistic messages like “How to lose 30 Kg in 15 days”, or “How to make your first 1000 dollars in 30 days”.

For sure, they are taking advantage of one of the psychological biases, and this creates in us the habit of short-term thinking.

On the contrary, the real world works completely differently. The fruits will not blossom not after 1 month or 6 months or even 1 year after you planted a seed.

It takes years to bear the fruits of a tree. So, welcome to the real world.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope you got some value from it and helped you to integrate the right approach to your blog.

To your success.